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Backwell Hill Walk

Sunday 13th November 2016

It was one of those days where I’d decided to leave the car at home and set off on an adventure that literally began from my doorstep; boots already on.

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Wenlock Edge

Tuesday 23rd August 2016

Faced with an hour’s drive back to the camp site from my day at Ironbridge, I made a spontaneous stop along the way.


See, I’d heard of Wenlock Edge. Its name even shares half of the title of one of my OS maps for Shropshire… But, I knew nothing of it and had otherwise been prepared to bypass it in favour of other natural attractions.

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Goblin Combe – March 2015

Over the weekend, I managed to achieve two complete walks. While my blog may have appeared slightly dry and light in regular content lately, the recurrence of spring is luring me back in to a regular routine of walking.

Today, I’ll write about Saturday’s walk and, in another post, I’ll tell you about Sunday’s.

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The Gordano Valley

Another walk from Geoff Mullett’s Walk West series, this one took place in November, a couple of weeks after the house move.

We begin by crossing moorland.

Gordano‘, to me, has always been an incandescent space between Clevedon and Portishead. I’ve never had a reason to stop by there before. It’s not a decision I can ever recall having contemplated. Before this walk, I was unaware of what it has to offer.

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Goblin Hunting…

It’s been almost three-weeks since I actually did this walk, on one of two days I happened to have booked off work. I’ll save you from your disappointment now though – there were and are no goblins along this route, or any other, for that matter (at least, as far as I’m aware). This post is about Goblin Combe; a valley filled with tall trees and rocks that has always been within walking distance of home. It wasn’t until a group walk earlier back in February (led by someone else) that I revisited this area for the first time in many years, despite it being less than half-a-mile away. I’m not sure what kind of fear was preventing me but I wanted to re-explore it for myself and it was also convenient in the sense that I wouldn’t have to start my van; the fuel costs were non-existent (I do spend a bit extra with all this driving around to different locations).

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Blaise Castle Walk

I’m going to take you back almost two weeks to a walk I did on one of my rare-but-recent days off work. Bristol‘s Blaise Castle Estate is significant to me for childhood memories of school trips and nostalgia; but also because, one year ago, it was the first place I visited when I decided to start walking on my own.

Last Sunday, as you may have already seen; I led the walking group for the third time. Now, I’m a bit stuck for ideas on where I could take them next but I have entertained thoughts about involving Blaise Castle. As fortune would have it, there’s a six-mile walk you can follow in Geoff Mullett’s Walk West Again. So, on this day, I decided to take a look at how the route pans out for myself.

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Time to Climb

This Sunday will be a day I’ve been waiting for, as I’ll finally get to lead the walking group on one of my personal favourite routes. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed each of the previous two walks I’ve led but the ascent up to Crook Peak has been a firm favourite since my first journey almost a year ago. I look forward to seeing how the others take to it, especially for those who may not have even heard of it (several members of this group are relatively new to Bristol). I’ve extended the original route I found by about 5 miles, if my memory serves me correctly. I hope the extra climbs and the endeavour aren’t too much.

Once again, Brent Knoll Hill fell immediately in to my sights upon reaching the car park.

Last Sunday, in spite of a sore throat and a runny nose, I dragged myself down to Axbridge so that I could confidently complete the second half of this route, after a little mis-direction on my first attempt to negotiate the woodlands west of Cheddar Gorge

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Climb to Crook Peak

It was in this month last year that I began going out for walks and mini-adventures. I’d just bought myself a new camera for this purpose (Nikon S8200) and, thanks to something within me, I’d decided that I was tired and fed up of waiting for someone to come along with me. It was time to start flying solo. Time to get out of the workshop and to start seeing life. I’m some way from trotting the globe but I’ve been able to see and experience a lot of the local hills and landscapes. From Somerset to parts of Bristol I’d not even heard of; east to the city of Bath and up as far north as Cheltenham.

Crook Peak is in view, just beyond the trig point.

One of my most memorable walks is one that begins a mere fifteen-minute drive from my home and, as is my concept in submitting walks to the group I joined back in October or November; I’m looking to share this route with a group of people two-weeks tomorrow.

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