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Once Upon a Wall Shelf

I’ll save you from another moan about my lack of money as it certainly doesn’t have to halt your productivity, when it comes to working with wood. If it’s suitable for what you intend to make or build then, there are many options available if you’re wanting to get your hands on some ‘free’ wood. Some people prefer to break up old pallets, for example, which can be great for outdoor stuff. You might have to work a bit harder to carefully salvage what you can, de-nail it and then to clean it up a bit but, there are rewards to be gained in the long run. This time though, I’ve opted to recycle a piece of furniture I made back in the summer of 2005, when I was just beginning to discover the ‘workshop‘ that had been lurking around the back of our house for over a year…

Actually, this was the first project I completed in my own workshop (which I still occupy, to this day). How I wish I had some photos of the space back then… It really was such a contrast to today’s ‘shop… While it was dark, there was also lots of SPACE! I used to manage quite well with just a few decent power tools and a cheap and nasty table saw (no planer/thicknesser; all timber bought in as PAR). I often wonder it would be like to go back to those roots… Maybe I will, some day.

But, Power Tool Woodworking is for another post, a different day and hopefully not for another year or so just yet! Let’s get on and take a look at what I’ve been working on, now that I’m back in action…

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Toolbox Upgrade

A few months ago, I made a simple, tote-style toolbox from pine offcuts for carting a basic set of hand tools around the house and to and from my car when I’m working away. Throughout the last few weeks, it’s seen a lot of use as the dawn of Autumn (with the odd early hint of Winter…) has inspired me to get all the exterior DIY work finished so that the house is “water-tight” (this mostly seems to involve renovating rotten windows using lots of filler and splicing in scraps of oak where necessary).

This week, I’ve made a couple of simple alterations to this “prototype” that have improved the convenience of having all my tools available to-hand. You can probably spot them from photo above. For further information, please read on below…

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