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Sicario / Charlie Wilson’s War

One stars Tom Hanks; the other has Emily Blunt.


Chances were high that I was going to like both of these films.

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The Way / Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

When Amazon recommended another video about a long-distance walk, it instantly became a High Priority on my Love Film Rental List.


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Turning 30

It’s already been three-days since my latest ‘milestone’ birthday. I’ve a growing list of food and DIY-related things to write about and share but, for this one, instead of writing about ‘near-mid-life-crisis-thoughts’, I’ve decided to look at what I received on the day and to ponder what, if anything, this might tell you about where I am in my life?!


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Clash of the 80s

This week’s DVD rentals have been about taking a trip back through time to a land of nostalgia…


From my growing list of titles to rent, I selected two that hark back to the 1980s.

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