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Drill Tidy

I managed to spend the previous weekend without taking a single step in to the workshop and yet, I’m still behind on updating you with the little goings-on that I have been progressing with in there. I’ve found it hard to even find the time to keep my client up-to-date with details for the chopping boards I’m planning to make soon and I’m also aware that I’m already behind with my intention of uploading one YouTube video on a weekly basis… I have plenty of short films in the pipeline so, I’m sure I can catch up before too long. 😉

Not-so-drill tidy…

While trying to finalise the arrangement of the mobile base for my site saw/table saw, I spent a bit of time trying to tidy up the storage situation with my drill press

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Cable Clamps

As part of my latest order from Rutlands, one of the newest innovations from across the pond arrived on my workbench this morning, in the form of these Cable Clamps.

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