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Worcester Cathedral

Saturday 24th September 2016

Following our visit to Croome Court, we had decided to take a short trip in to the city of Worcester, where we would look to explore the cathedral.

It wasn’t a long drive to get there… Maybe thirty-minutes. Certainly, much less than an hour.

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Dunster Castle

Sunday 21st June 2015

On the return from my visit to Arlington Court, the day after completing half the Exmoor Perambulation; I decided to stop off at Dunster Castle, which was another National Trust property I was almost certain to pass on the long drive home.

I’d intended to make this stop all along; I only hadn’t anticipated to have spent so much time in Barnstaple. From there, West Somerset’s medieval village of Dunster was still a good hour away, yet only have that distance from the camp site I’d vacated in the morning.

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