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Brecon Beacons – Mountain Rescue Walk

Sunday 18th September 2016

I’m no stranger to the Four Peaks that epitomise the Brecon Beacons for many visitors. Having climbed three of them twice within the previous sixteen-months, I hadn’t expected to be revisiting this mountain range so soon.


Brunel Walking Group arranged an event where we would be led on a walk by two volunteers of Brecon Mountain Rescue Team. Assuming we might stray from the well worn and ‘motorway’ tracks, I decided to go along.

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Wentwood Forest Walk

Sunday 21st February 2016

With an uninviting forecast to follow a day that was wet and dreary, it didn’t seem like the greatest of opportunities to go hiking…

But the lure of creating footsteps in an unfamiliar part of Wales was enough to get me in my car and to arrive at the meeting point on time. It was a similar story for a dozen others (plus one dog).

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Aberdulais Tinworks and Waterfall

Sunday 24th May 2015

When I was planning the camping trip to South Wales for last weekend, I had a look for any National Trust properties within the local area. You see, as much as I enjoy walking, I found last year that it was nice to spend a little time doing something different.

Aberdulais Tinworks and Waterfall (or Aberdulais Falls, as it’s also known) was less than a five-minute drive from our campsite. But for a lack of convenient public footpaths, we might even have been able to walk there and back… On our second day, we stopped off there in the late morning before heading out to buy food for the rest of the weekend.

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Lone Wolf Campsite

If you enjoy camping and have had or are entertaining thoughts about a stay in South Wales then I’d encourage you to read this post because, as we discovered over the Bank Holiday weekend, staying at Lone Wolf Campsite offers a truly unique experience.

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Downloads Page

There are many things I hope to write about over the next week but I’m going to start with a simple update announcement concerning a brand-new addition to this blog/website…

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