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Severn Beach Walk – Attempt No.2

Saturday 3rd December 2016

My first walk in December was a second attempt at a partial-fail dating back over three-and-a-half years.

With minimal daylight hours, the mileage was fair. It was less than an hour’s drive from home and I could avoid the motorways. Given that this was in winter, I felt confident that the majority of all cattle would already be confined to their seasonal sheds…

Would this attempt to follow the route become any more successful than the last?

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Visiting Dyrham Park (Part 3)

Saturday 5th December 2015

So much has been going on the last week that I’ve barely had time to look through my own photos, let alone keep you updated with posts. I promise you that there is a lot to come – some of which, sadly, I wish I could’ve shared with you a bit sooner. In the mean time, I’m close to completing my summary of this visit to Dyrham Park, a couple of weeks ago.

With my visit to and exploration of the church complete, I headed back outside with my stomach grumbling for lunch.

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Visiting Dyrham Park (Part 2)

Saturday 5th December 2015

Today, I’ve been and visited my second National Trust property of the month. But I’m saving that for a future series of posts as, right now, I intend to continue writing about my trip to Dyrham Park, nearly a fortnight ago.

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Sun on the Southern Cotswolds

My first walk of the year, last weekend and it was a little further from home than what I’m used to. It’s always nice to visit new places (especially those you’ve never heard of) and, in my search for a walk that might be ‘slightly-less-wet’ than many of the others available; I decided to take a chance on this.

It begins in the village Sherston, which is actually only a couple of miles south from Westonbirt Arboretum and later takes in the discreet village of Easton Grey. This walk is one of many available in Geoff Mullett’s Walk West 3 eBook [sorry, I cannot find a link to these right now].

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Between Bristol and Bath

In an effort to begin getting you back up to speed with my recent walking adventures, I’m going to start this evening by sharing an expedition that occurred before the house move. It just about covers four small villages in an 11-mile circuit between two major westcountry cities so, the title above was my most succinct way of creating a heading.

This is another one from the series of Walk West books and, as would happen, it became the final walk before my Renault Kangoo van went to the scrap yard.

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Walk Wet

It’s about time I told you of the wet walk I endured last Sunday, in the hope that this coming weekend will bring, well… Let’s just say a lot less rain!

Severn Mud.

With a couple of print-outs from Walk West Again, I decided to headed out to Severn Beach, which is within walking distance of the Second Severn Crossing bridging England to Wales (via. a toll road). It was forecast to be a cloudy or rainy day, depending on where you looked for a forecast. It was almost noon by the time I finally left the house but, having not been on a walk for several weeks at this time; I felt obliged to make a real effort, as I am walking 20 miles this coming Sunday…

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