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Solsbury Hill Survivors

So, today I made the awaited return trip to Little Solsbury Hill as leader of the local walking group. I was a little disappointed (and surprised) by the relatively low-number turnout compared to some of my previous walks. Then again, it was raining around 7am when I woke up this morning and the forecast was for at least a cloudy day…

“Forget the cud, they want blood!” – Apocalypse Cow

But, the forecasters didn’t get it quite right and we really enjoyed our walk, keeping up a great pace, too – we somehow completed the circuit in less time than my second pre-walk 8 days ago!

However, the real tale from this walk was in our latest bovine encounter…

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Solsbury Hill Video

Following on from the weekend’s post about a wetter-than-hoped walked to Little Solsbury Hill and back, I’ve since added a sub-5 minute video to my YouTube channel also documenting the images and the views.

I’ve written before of my intentions to carry more of my walking interest over on to YouTube and I feel like I’ve been waiting for that ‘perfect’ video, with 4 already saturating space on my laptop’s hard drive. I set off on this pre-walk without any intention of doing more than snap a few photos. But, as the sun broke through and remained on my ascent to the top, I decided I might turn it in to a ‘Vlog’ of sorts. Perhaps that is my way forward?

Oh, and I also felt as though the photos I was taking of those pigs weren’t going to do them justice! 😉

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Exploring Painswick

We’ll have to go back an entire month in order to recount this one. A rare walk up in the Cotswolds of Gloucestershire; a little further north than my usual expeditions. On this occasion and, I decided it was worth the added expense of fuel. Had I read the sign more carefully upon arriving at the car park in Painswick, I could’ve saved myself £2.20 as I’d have realised that parking there is FREE on both Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays. Who’d have thought it! Even the rate of £2.20 for over 5 hours of parking seemed fair. If only that woman who informed me moments before I pushed the ticket button and not after…

This is another one of those walks that you can find within Geoff Mullett’s Walk West series (Walk West 2). I made an addendum on the mileage towards the end but we’ve a long way to go before that.

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Leading Through Lansdown

My most recent walk-leading experience took place two-weeks ago today. It’s number 2 for 2014 and my third is already lined up for a weekend in early July. This walk followed the same route that I took during my pre-walk in March. This time, the big difference was that the day continued as it began, under the rays of glorious sunshine.

My followers for the day.

Let’s return to Lansdown near Bath; just north-west of the city centre.

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Climbing Up Solsbury Hill

With the weekend very nearly upon us, it’s about time I share with you the experience of my most recent walk from almost a fortnight ago. I also get to show off my brand-new walking boots, before they set off on their debut adventure! They’re made by Karrimor and I think the model name was Kalahari – perhaps unfitting given the way in which British weather can be perceived but on this occasion, it was dry and very desert like for an early weekend in March.

New boots, ready to get wet!!

My goal for this one was to reach the long-anticipated Solsbury Hill – it’s actually Little Solsbury Hill, to be pedantic, but then you might feel as though perhaps it had a lot less in common with one of Peter Gabriel’s best-known solo hits.

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Dundry and Maes Knoll

This morning, as I begin to write this, the sun is trying to break through the glut of persistent rain. This ongoing downpour of torrent has caused disaster for many home-owners further south and for the average walker, well, I’m presuming that the enthusiasm to get out and to enjoy nature is lost in some small way. I know I haven’t been out for almost two-weeks now and this walk I’m about to share is indeed my most recent.

Dundry Down car park, at the start of the walk.

Roll on summer!!

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Returning to Priston

It’s been almost three-weeks to the day since I last went on a walk! In part, I blame the wet weather, the cold, the fact that I broke my camera last week and also, that my walking boots are no longer waterproof and need replacing… But these excuses are not good enough. It is now four-months to the day when I’ll be walking a good 12 hours across the Mendip Hills. I need to keep my fitness levels up and, as always, there’s going to be room for improvement.

Back in Stanton Prior, three months later.

This was a brief walk to revisit a route I enjoyed a few months ago, albeit under warm and dry weather.

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Not ‘Ashton’ Court…

Apparently, some parts of the UK are in receipt of some of the worst weather we’ve had for three decades… In my part of the south-west (more like the westcountry), I can say that I haven’t yet seem any uprooted trees or car-embedded buildings. I have heard tragic news of a small number of deaths further east and people in Bristol have suffered power loss and shortages but I feel inclined to say we’ve seen the worst now.

I’ve had one of those rare weekends where I didn’t go for a walk anywhere. Nope, not even locally and we cancelled plans to go out on Sunday with all the severe weather warnings. So, I thought this might be a nice time to reflect on my second walk from last week where, on Wednesday, I continued my search for autumn with a trip to Oldbury Court to the north of Bristol.

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