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Scruffs by Name…

A brief post to say that I recently bought a new pair of safety boots for my day job and how impressed I’ve been with them so far.

My new safety boots!

Over the last decade, I’ve come to instantly dislike the ‘cheap, generic’ boots that almost any employer will provide you with on your first day. They were so uncomfortable that I decided to shop around and to start buying my own. I decided I liked the trainer-style of shoe and, after reading a group test review in Good Woodworking magazine, I went for a pair of Makita Hiker boots (yes, there is now irony in that name) and they turned out to be extremely comfortable (after the initial blisters of a busy customer service role in the middle of the summer).

As it happened, Makita footwear were actually made by Dickies and so, the following year, I decided to try a pair of their own (I dislike repetition). These weren’t too bad but I wasn’t as satisfied either and so, I went through a couple more pairs of Dickies boots (three or four in total) before we go back to May 2012, when I popped in to Toolstation and picked up a pair of Black Rock boots for only £25…

They weren’t quite the cheapest boots I’d purchased but they quickly became uncomfortable. They also had those knife-like metal buckles that eventually slice through your laces as you pull them up and I only really stuck with them until a few weeks ago because I’d invested in a pair of insoles – again, that was a trial-and-error experiment in itself; quickly realising that a cheap pair weren’t worth the pain and that you safe find greater comfort with an increase in expenditure.

Insoles? More like ar...

Insoles? More like ar…

This year, I was very tempted to return to those faithful old Makitas (now about £10 dearer than they were a year ago) but I didn’t find anything ‘inspiring’ amongst the current Dickies range and somehow (through a general eBay search, I think), I was reminded of the Scruffs brand. After which, I eventually narrowed my selection down to the Lightning II boots at a very reasonable £25 (thanks to eBay).

I could feel the comfort from day one. You can feel the cushioned insoles far ahead of the smooth floor and they’re also arched nicely in the middle to support your feet properly. Laces tighten up nicely, the tongues are big and soft and I think they look good as well!

Thanks for reading and please don’t settle for sore feet in any area of your life! 🙂

A Bad Week

First, I’d like to apologise to all you readers for my absence from this blog in the past week. There’s a lot to catch up on and I aim to get on with that in due course. I haven’t spent much time in the workshop at all during this past week, as I’ve been working away on other things and, with the pleasant change in weather here in the West [until today! :roll:], I’ve been doing a lot of DIY outdoors (repairing and repainting the shed, repairing rotten windows, re-painting, pulling weeds, etc.). At the beginning of the week, I had a brief spell in the ‘shop and, as the image below should tell you, I wasn’t having one of my better days…

Evidence of RAGE in a woodworking 'shop!

Anger can be a very dangerous thing when you’re around sharp tools and woodworking machinery. However, I won’t go in to the feelings that expressed this outburst of “rage” on my PPE, as it was purely unrelated to woodwork.

But, on this occasion; some time away from the workshop was quite welcome, as I could’ve potentially hurt myself, had I carried on in that mood… 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Normal service to resume, shortly…

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