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After a Tidy Up

Last weekend, I actually spent a few hours in the workshop but, this was mostly dedicated to sweeping the floor and, generally, giving the whole place a pretty ‘deep clean’. That means wiping dust and collecting shavings from all horizontal surfaces (shelves, work tops and cupboards). It was the first time I’d done this in so long. Once the hard work was over, I really did feel so much better for it. Just being in a clean workshop… Everything felt so ‘clear’.

Another New Layout!

I try to keep the floor clean quite regularly but I must work harder to maintain areas like the spaces beneath my workbench (one downside of drilling dog holes!). There’s a huge psychological benefit to doing this and, with the new base recently completed for my 6in planer, I’ve been able to shuffle things around again…

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Keeping Cables Tidy

Temperatures have been soaring this past few days, with the mercury rising in the daytime close to the 20°C mark – and to think, I had to scrape thick frost from my van’s windscreen on Monday morning! That hasn’t deterred me from spending some time in the workshop these past couples of days and I’ve keeping myself busy with a few little things, all of which I’ll update you on in the coming days.

First up, I have a solution for keeping machine cables and leads tidy. If you’re anything like me and need to keep your kit mobile in order to maximise you’re restricted floor space, you’ll know too well the pain of having to plug-in and unplug your tools on a regular basis. Tripping over leads, damaging the plugs – that doesn’t have to an issue, with this simple-to-make solution…

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New (Old) Power Tool!

After splashing out (!) on a few basic hand tools last week, I returned to the market for used goods in search of something with a plug on the end of it… I’ve probably moaned before about the fact that I don’t have any cash to spare for woodworking and tool purchases, these days. Perhaps then, I should also explain that I made a bit of money on eBay over the weekend, as I said goodbye to a stash of Nintendo computer games (‘video games‘, if you prefer…) and all those childhood memories of the many hours spent sat in front of a TV screen. Don’t worry though, I’m not spending it all in one go…

It’s been a few years (three, to my counting) since I’ve owned portable circular saw (skil saw) like this.

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Pondering the Plunge

Whether you know them as ‘track saws’ or simply as ‘plunge saws’ that fit on to a compatible guide track, these circular saws  have been around for a few years now. I could be wrong but, I think it all started with a predecessor to Festool’s hugely-popular TS55. In the last three years alone, we’ve seen rival competitors release their own plunge saw/guide rail systems. Some might say that it’s never been a better time to be in the market for one of these power tools… To others, perhaps there is too much to choose from with not an awful lot to separate one saw from the next…

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Drawer Repair

Shortly after moving home at the end of last month/beginning of this one, I was asked to repair a drawer for someone. Sadly, it wasn’t of the traditional all-wooden construction. But, with a thin sheet of paper containing an image of the Queen being waved in my face, I said I’d have a look at this chipboard conundrum.

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