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Alive and Bowling!

Contrary to what you won’t have read anywhere, I am still alive!!

I apologise for my great absence from this blog. Not only is the cold weather (-8° in the centre of Bristol tonight, seriously?!?) keeping me far away from my workshop but I’m putting a lot of effort in to making 2012 in to a better year. Among other things, this has meant joining the internet dating scene, meeting people and making new friends… It takes a lot of time and effort but, as much as I still love woodworking, I hate feeling so alone in life.

Anyway. Today, I’m back with a brand-new video and the start of a new series. This was actually filmed several months ago; I think it was October but, it could well have been in September!! To this date, I still have some work to do on this project but, I hope you enjoy the show so far:

You haven’t missed much otherwise. I haven’t even opened the door to my workshop for several weeks and that plunge saw purchase seems to be fading away. Another house move is on the rise and, to be honest, I lost all patience with my landlord shortly after I moved in here, back in March! Work’s started slowly this year in my day job, which I don’t particularly enjoy much either.

Hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for watching!

Octa-Gone Wrong!

Even though my blog has remained in a near-dormant state for a good week now, I have spent the past few weekends casually working on a fruit bowl with an octagonal design and theme. It’s frustrating enough having such little time to work on things like this but, when things just don’t go quite as well as you had hoped they would, it makes you feel like giving up, doesn’t it?

It may looks as though I have made good progress on this bowl in the photo above. Look a little closer though and you’ll see that I, quite literally, can’t quite get it together on this one…

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Part 2 Has Finally Arrived!

If not for the difficulties I’ve had in trying to upload this video (coupled with the time I’ve spent agonising over a SketchUp drawing for a future magazine article) then, I’ve have had this second instalment online for you much sooner!

Part 2 in my series on making an octagonal towel stand.

It looks as though this is going to become another three-part series after all. I’ve tried hard to trim this second episode down as much as possible but, I feel I’ve got a lot of useful content in there. I start by turning the square post in to an octagonal section (picking up from where Part 1 left off) and getting everything ready for the finishing stage, which will come in Part 3, along with the assembly.

Sorry that you’ve had to wait so long for this. Hope that it’s been worth it, though! Smile

I’d also like to thank Joe Abbott for pointing me in the direction of Windows Live Writer, which is compatible with any blogging software and is free to download. It’s dead easy to use and allows me to blog in ‘visual editor mode’ where WordPress appears to have started playing up for me of late (thanks again, Joe! Winking smile).

Thanks for viewing.

New Video Mini-Series!

I have a second short-series for you in video format! It centres around the construction of a “simple” stand for rolls of paper towels commonly found in most kitchens, with an octagonal theme.

I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to keep this one down to only a two-part series, with the conclusion to follow later on this week (most of it’s been filmed; it just needs to be cut and spliced together).

Another fairly straight-forward build but, as always, comments are very welcome (don’t worry – I’m already well aware of the fact that my everyday voice lacks enthusiasm! :roll:). I’ve tried to take on board some of the points that Stuart commented on after the second Cutting Board video so, feedback is always welcome. Have I gone a bit OTT with the scene changes?

I would’ve updated this blog much sooner but, I’m having some “issues” with the Visual Editor in WordPress and, as yet, I have not found a solution or a cause for it… I have tried using several different browsers but, they all lead to the same end result. Have any other WordPress bloggers experienced similar trouble with new posts lately?

Thanks for reading and, of course, for watching!

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