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Carrot Cake Muffins

As I discovered a few months ago, I really like carrot cake. I forget the occasion as to why I made these (other than the fact that I was feeling greedy) but I was able to share them around with a few people and there was nothing bad to say.


You can find the recipe in Sarah Flower’s Halogen Oven book on baking.

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My First Muffins

Last night, I felt inclined to give you a brief respite from a minor flood of baking goodness. But this post is important to me because it coincides with the first walk I’ve lead this year and as that was already five-days ago, I’d like to get this one out before the week has passed.


This post marks my first ever attempt at baking my own muffins.

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Week 2 at Lidl

It’s time to briefly look back at what I purchased during my second weekly food shop at Lidl, only a few days ago.

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