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My First Pie

This takes us back to around the time of my birthday, which was already just over a month ago. I’ve had my share of Pukka Pies and I’ll occasionally try one when out for a pub meal. But with many cakes, a few casseroles and the odd shepherd’s pie already under my belt, I decided to have a go at a more traditional pie with a bit of pastry on top.


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Shepherd’s Pie At Night

It was Monday evening; a slow start to another all-too-familiar week. I needed something to pick myself up and I found that in the challenge of baking my first ever shepherd’s pie. Plus, I’d already bought the necessary ingredients a week earlier.

No potato.

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Cooking with Chicken

Having already made a few successful roast dinners (for one person) using a pack of plain chicken breasts, I decided, last week, to have a go at a couple of different chicken dishes.

There’s a distinctly Aisian theme to this and it started with these terriyaki-style meatballs.

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Potato Wedges / Halogen Bolognese

A couple more recent recipes to share with you; the first of which came from the cook book that came with my halogen oven and the second came from a website dedicated to halogen oven recipes.

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Tomato Week

Before another week begins, let’s take a moment to travel back beyond the previous 7 days to look at what I made and ate during my second productive week in following my new cook book.

This time, the theme is undoubtedly going to be tomatoes.

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Pepper Le Puke

My previous attempt at cooking this chicken and pepper stew went about as well as several other meals I’ve attempted this year… In that some of it ended up burnt and, from the visual perspective, it came out a lot ‘darker’ and unappetising than I’d hope for. About three-weeks ago, I braved a second attempt at this dish and the end result was familiar but for one major change…

It didn’t just leave me feeling ill after consumption; I was physically sick that very night!


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Substituting with Stew

When I first bought the Meals for One book from BBC Good Foods, I flicked through the pages and immediately, this recipe for a chicken and butter bean stew leaped out as an immediate favourite. It seemed a little bit challenging at the time and I still don’t know exactly what a paprika is! But after weeks of experimentation, I decided to give it a go in the middle of last week.

Yes, that’s for “Chicken” and butter bean stew…

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Spaghetti Luncheon

You can’t really go wrong with pasta, can you. It’s the one food I’ve been cooking predominantly for as long as I’ve lived alone. Before I stopped skipping meals and started cooking with vegetables, I used to eat it at least twice a week. It’s fast, it’s easy and you can place almost anything with it.

Bacon – my new favourite ingredient for… Everything!

In the book I’ve been using from BBC Good Foods, I found an exciting recipe for spaghetti that included bacon, of all possible ingredients! I thought I’d already written about this meal (hence the delay) so I’ve already managed to enjoy it twice before sitting down to write here.

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