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#Walk1000Miles – October 2016

Suddenly, we’re so very close to the end of 2016. I honestly feel as though I should only be summarising September in this post – in fact, the first thing I did was to type the wrong month in this post’s title!


Chew Stoke, North East Somerset.

I’ve already accepted that I’m not going to reach the one-thousand mark (at least, this year). However close I do get, I’m not going to try and push myself too hard in these final months, with the diminishing daylight hours.

So, at the end of October 2016… How far have I come in this challenge?

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Combating Mould

A common symptom of dampness and insufficient ventilation, particularly during the winter months. If you’re already aware of black spots or damp patches on your walls and ceilings then you know your home is ‘infected’.

But there is a cure. In fact, by browsing the internet you can uncover a range of home-made and personal solutions. What’s most important though, is that you get at it ASAP, as those spores, in spite of their size, can be seriously detrimental to your health.

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Sunday in the Cotswolds

Another weekend has passed and with it, another walking experience amongst Bristol’s Brunel Walking Group. As I don’t visit the Cotswolds too often on my own and can rarely justify the hour’s drive each way when I’m walking solo, I took this opportunity to join a ramble to the east and slightly south of Stroud. No sooner had I arrived at the meeting point in Bristol, I was asked to be an additional driver – it was fortunate then that I’d filled my fuel tank 5 minutes before!


This walk began in an area known as Frampton Mansell, with Aston Down airfield located on the south side of the A419. We were to head north in an anti-clockwise direction towards Edgeworth, which was heavily shadowed beneath the terror of dark clouds…

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Time to Talk 06/02/2014

Although I’d forgotten by the time the day came around; Thursday 6th February 2014 was officially ‘Time to Talk Day’. To be more precise; it was set as date for people to share and discuss the taboo subject of Mental Health. But as as a good friend of mine said on her own blog that day; it’s not solely about saving and waiting for this one date… Mental Health is a topic that can be discussed on any day and that, really, is the whole point. To get people talking. To continue working towards overcoming the errant stigma and that is why I am writing right now.

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All About Food

A brand-new topic for this blog and for which, I think I’m going to add an additional category to the already-long list of titles that attempt to define my sporadic range of content.

My first Bible… Maybe.

Inspired by a recent book purchase and with the intention of basically learning to cook (at least a bit), I thought it might be good to start by taking a long old look at what I currently eat. Beginning with a review of the contents from last week’s grocery shop.

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Walking for Charity

It’s a frightening thought but we are already in to September! At the end of this month, I’m walking 20 miles for charity along a circular route known as the Circuit of Bath. It’s an annual event that is organised by the Julian House; an organisation who provides support, food and shelter to homeless people living within the city.

Please click here to sponsor me

I’d like to ask people to consider sponsoring me and you are welcome to do so at this link above. If you don’t wish to, that’s absolutely fine. I don’t expect anyone reading this to do anything but I would also be grateful to anyone who shares this.

I've already got the T-shirt!

I’ve already got the T-shirt!

I’ve already bought myself a T-shirt, as you can see above but if I fail to raise any sponsorship money them I will happily donate something from my own pocket, which is what I understand my friend does.

Thank you all for reading.

High on a Hill

Meditation has become something that is quite significant within my life. It’s not something I practice as often as I feel I should and I find I am at my best when I’m at a centre with a dedicated time and space for meditation. But last Sunday, I created a bit of a ‘revelation’ for myself in being able to meditate high on top of one of the Mendip Hills.

Meditating up on Crook Peak, Somerset.

This post is supplemented with photographs courtesy of my Instagram account.

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A Bad Week

First, I’d like to apologise to all you readers for my absence from this blog in the past week. There’s a lot to catch up on and I aim to get on with that in due course. I haven’t spent much time in the workshop at all during this past week, as I’ve been working away on other things and, with the pleasant change in weather here in the West [until today! :roll:], I’ve been doing a lot of DIY outdoors (repairing and repainting the shed, repairing rotten windows, re-painting, pulling weeds, etc.). At the beginning of the week, I had a brief spell in the ‘shop and, as the image below should tell you, I wasn’t having one of my better days…

Evidence of RAGE in a woodworking 'shop!

Anger can be a very dangerous thing when you’re around sharp tools and woodworking machinery. However, I won’t go in to the feelings that expressed this outburst of “rage” on my PPE, as it was purely unrelated to woodwork.

But, on this occasion; some time away from the workshop was quite welcome, as I could’ve potentially hurt myself, had I carried on in that mood… 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Normal service to resume, shortly…

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