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#walk1000miles – February 2017

I know that February is always going to be the shortest month of a year but I had to do a double-take at my watch when I read the date.


Already, March is here! Where did the first two months of the year go?

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Walking for Charity

It’s a frightening thought but we are already in to September! At the end of this month, I’m walking 20 miles for charity along a circular route known as the Circuit of Bath. It’s an annual event that is organised by the Julian House; an organisation who provides support, food and shelter to homeless people living within the city.

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I’d like to ask people to consider sponsoring me and you are welcome to do so at this link above. If you don’t wish to, that’s absolutely fine. I don’t expect anyone reading this to do anything but I would also be grateful to anyone who shares this.

I've already got the T-shirt!

I’ve already got the T-shirt!

I’ve already bought myself a T-shirt, as you can see above but if I fail to raise any sponsorship money them I will happily donate something from my own pocket, which is what I understand my friend does.

Thank you all for reading.

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