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Let’s Take a Seat

After another early Friday finish at work, I’ve spent the afternoon lazing around at home, feeling the after effects of an unexpected, hard-hitting cold. My nose may have stopped and my throat is beginning to clear at last but, I’m still feeling quite dizzy in my head and a little weak elsewhere. Almost flu-like symptoms.

I’m also moving home on Monday and heading back to live in mum’s house, which is also very close to my workshop… I’ve already shifted a load of boxes to save a bit of time and, with all the floor space now available (at home, not in the workshop!!), I’ve found my attention drawn towards the arm chair I made at college, two-years ago now…

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Coming Unstuck

A couple of weeks back, I forewarned you of the dangers of leaving your workshop contents ‘un-prepared‘ for fluctuations in the British weather during the winter (see here). While cast iron can be cleaned of rust and protected again with relative ease, I also showed you an image of the drawers below my workbench; two of which had found themselves in a partially-open state and were refusing to budge. Yesterday, I decided to do something about this…

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Progress with a Bang!

This week at college, I’ve made proper progress on my chair. Read All About It!

Buying Too Much Wood (Again!)

For those of you who don’t already know, I have a habit of buying too much timber for any given product – whether this is actually a bad thing or not; I’ll leave that decision up to you! There was the workbench build back in the summer [see my old UKworkshop Blog], an oak drawer-leaf dining table in September, another extending table in beech for my mum… While my workshop is quite literally filled to the brim with left over wood, today, I collected and dropped off an ‘excessive‘ amount of locally-grown hardwood to the college workshops. Continue reading…

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