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Tortworth Chestnut

Saturday 12th November 2016

At the time of this walk, I remember I was beginning to struggle for motivation to get out and do something; feeling tired from work, a sudden decrease in daylight hours elsewhere and a gradual drop in temperature.

I found myself feeling as though I was about to ‘waste the weekend away’. Somehow, I found the impetus to consider a short walk for the afternoon. Post-lunch and fewer miles… This seemed do-able and soon, I was heading up the M5 towards Dursley.

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A Walk Around Lacock

As if a twenty-mile walk around the Quantocks wasn’t enough for one Easter weekend, I set off the very next day for an extra ten miles around Wiltshire! Left leg in discomfort; walking pole on my backpack just in case.

With the company of a friend, this walk had been on the radar for a period of weeks and so, as much as one side of my body was crying out for a cancellation, my head stuck straight to the schedule.

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