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Down the Pan…

This very morning, I was expecting to be driving in to the city of Bristol in order to collect a pack of 1¼in long coarse-thread pocket hole screws with washer heads, so that I could join some 18mm MDF later on today (I’m planning to make a short rip fence for my saw bench). A quick Google search yesterday afternoon to determine the store location revealed that they ceased trading at the beginning of February!

Pan Tools in Bedminster – sadly, no longer trading.

We’re talking about Pan Tools; a name that’s been synonymous with power tool purchases in this city for several years.

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Drum Sanders from Poland?

This is something that caught my eye recently, while browsing for drum sanders on eBay. Don’t worry, I haven’t placed any bids or made any offers on anything since my last purchase! It appears as though a firm in Poland is prepared to ship their possibly un-branded drum sanders over to those of us in the UK (for a shipping cost of £70).

These models look slightly different to the ones currently distributed by Brimarc in the UK and sold by the likes of Axminster. They remind me of the Performax drum sanders that also occasionally pop up on that auction site.

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