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Shallow Grange Campsite

September 2015

At least one each week, I remember that I’ve still yet to write a single word on the camp site I stayed at back in September…

This has been on-going for about eight-months now… As I contemplate where I might be looking to stay this summer, I’ve decided to go ahead and get it done. There is no reason for this huge delay, other than my own procrastination.

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Dovedale Video

Last weekend, I uploaded this selection of clips to YouTube. They were all taken during my thirteen-mile walk around Dovedale in the Peak District, back in September.

I hope you enjoy it. I found it really hard to find appropriate music that I’d not already used on a previous walking video so I have reservations and uncertainties over the track I picked from YouTube’s free music library. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading and for watching.

My apologies to anyone expecting a video on Dovetails… 😉

A Morning in Bakewell

Tuesday 15th September 2015

After my third and final night confined to a tent – the longest stretch that I have so far spent camping alone – it was time to pack up and begin the long journey home. Instead of straightforward route from A to B, I decided to make one last stop along the way.

That three-and-a-half-hour drive was inevitable. But while I was up in Derbyshire, I felt it was only right to at least make something more of my morning and that’s when I followed my SatNav on a twenty-minute journey to Bakewell.

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Going Neolithic in’t Derbyshire

Sunday 13th September 2015

As if I hadn’t already crammed enough in to my main day of hiking, away in Derbyshire; as the post-summer sun began to dip beyond the hills, I made one penultimate stop before arriving back at my tent; guided by the earth-coloured signs of English Heritage.

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Ilam Park

Sunday 13th September 2015

Soon after finishing my walk that began and ended in Dovedale, I left the car park with an eye on returning to the camp site about thirty-minutes north…

My other eye, however, was fixed on nearby Ilam Park.

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Dovedale and Wolfscote Dale (Part 2)

Sunday 13th September 2015

With a good half of the walk complete and after a good half-hour of resting for lunch, it looked as though my return route in to Dovedale would be simple; following the River Dove through Wolfscote Dale.

I felt confident enough that the hills and steep climbs were now far behind me. Perhaps I had tackled this walk in the right direction after all… To see the route, please follow this link.

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Dovedale and Wolfscote Dale (Part 1)

Sunday 13th September 2015

It’s already been a fortnight since I left North Somerset for a weekend up in the Peak District. I’m not sure exactly where the time has gone but I’m keen and due to write about the most significant walk from the weekend away.

This is a walk that begins in an area known as Dovedale, heads north up towards Wolfscote Hill and then back down through the Dales to finish. If you’re interested in the exact route, please click here.

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Finding Solomon’s Temple

Before waving goodbye to Buxton and reluctantly welcoming the prospect of pitching my tent in an anything-but-summer kind of weather; there was one last place-to-see on my list that had been highlighted after a browse across an OS map for the area.

It was my chance to discover Solomon’s Temple.

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