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Washer/Dryer on Wheels

Living in a home that’s still holding on to more than an average share of hand tools, it’s hard to resist that urge to pick them up and to make something. This one will feature as a YouTube video at some point but I’d like to share some photos with you now.

You may remember that I purchased a portable TecTake washer/dryer back in March and one of my goals since has been to make this compact unit fully portable. So, what I’ve gone and done is I’ve mounted it on wheels!

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My First Washer/Dryer

After four months of frequent to my mother’s home, with black bags full of my dirty laundry; I jumped in and bought myself a washer/dryer this week. I’ve taken that extra step closer towards independence. For the very first time, I own a washing machine and this post is going to involve my initial impressions and remarks from its first use.

One brand-new washing machine; one basket-full of dirty laundry.

TecTake Portable Mini Washing Machine and Dryer – it arrived within three working days from Germany and, as I was out walking, it was kindly taken in by a neighbour for me to collect later and at my own convenience.

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‘Skeleton’ Wardobe Design

It’s almost official now that I’ll be moving home sometime within the next month. This past week, I’ve found a flat that is affordable and it’s enough for my needs. There’s still the issue over workshop contents and self storage to be encountered but, with winter only weeks away, a quiet period is often expected at this time of year. The only difference now is that I won’t be ‘awakening’ from hibernation in the spring. I can look back on 2013 as a positive year. By far, it’s been more productive than either of the last two years and my following on YouTube has increased by more than 300% – I do intend to keep my presence active on that channel but I’ll delve in to that another time.


Now, my attention turns to furnishing my next home.

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Ready to Fold

It’s been a while coming but, my folding laptop desk is now complete. Earlier this week, I spent several evenings applying coats of finishing oil, rubbing down in between coats.

This oil hasn’t darkened the soft pine as much as I feared it might although, there’s always the chance that will happen over time.

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Routing In (Your) Convenience

Yes, it’s another one of those days where I’ve sent the last couple of hours scanning the internet for woodworking videos! 🙄 Anyone who follows my Twitter feed or YouTube page will know that I do this about once a week. My thanks, this week, go to 4five1’s blog, which provided me with the initial link for for this goldmine of woodworking information (that bookcase project in itself is also worth watching).

This time, I’d like to share with you a router table design that not only proves they do not need to be complicated or expensive to make; but that, you can easily build something that can easily be stored elsewhere, out of the way, when it’s not required. Though, I haven’t walked in to many workshops over here where you’d be able to accommodate a 48in-long top, though! 😉

I’m sure you could use the same adjustable-leg idea in other situations, such as on a fold-up outfeed table for your table saw.

Again, you’ll have to follow this link to see the video. I do apologise.

Thanks again to Fine Woodworking for making this one (and the others) free for all to view.

Hope you find it useful. 🙂

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