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Improved Chocolate Chip Cookies

It was sometime last week that I attempted a slight variation on the chocolate chip cookies I’d made previously, which were so soft you had too tear them apart as they would not snap like biscuits.


That’s not necessarily a bad thing but I still wanted to try and alternative approach that might give a more ‘expected’ result.

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Cookies in the Halogen Oven

You’ll get to read about this in another post shortly but, this past Sunday, I successfully led my first walk of the year, with previous walk-leading experiences having come all the way back in July.


For this occasion, I decided that I would continue my tradition of baking something… I considered brownies, which I’d attempted on another walk last year. Shortbread seemed the easiest option – but again, it would be too familiar with July’s walk. Then, as I began to think of biscuits, I settled upon the idea of cookies.

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Baking Cookies

I’m itching to write about Sunday’s 20-mile circuit around the Georgian city of Bath but instead, this evening, I’m going to deviate from my recent stream of walk-related posts to talk about my first attempt at baking cookies.

…Which were, admittedly, baked in preparation for the big event!

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