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Let’s Take a Seat

After another early Friday finish at work, I’ve spent the afternoon lazing around at home, feeling the after effects of an unexpected, hard-hitting cold. My nose may have stopped and my throat is beginning to clear at last but, I’m still feeling quite dizzy in my head and a little weak elsewhere. Almost flu-like symptoms.

I’m also moving home on Monday and heading back to live in mum’s house, which is also very close to my workshop… I’ve already shifted a load of boxes to save a bit of time and, with all the floor space now available (at home, not in the workshop!!), I’ve found my attention drawn towards the arm chair I made at college, two-years ago now…

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Mocked Up and Ready to Go!

This is what I've decided on for the back slats, which will probably be 'carved' from solid ash.

After several weeks of driving screws and sabotaging every scrap of MDF I could get my hands on, I have an ‘arm chair’ design that I am happy to go ahead with at college [See this post, if you haven’t already]. I’m pleased with how it looks, I find it comfortable to sit in and I look forward to the challenge that all the shaping will bring. As I’m making this at college, it makes sense to use as much of the available equipment as possible and also to explore any new techniques I can. Continue reading…

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