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Castle Combe with Brunel

Sunday 9th October 2016

This walk dates back close to two-months ago and was led by another member of Brunel 20s and 30s Walking Group.

Castle Combe is a village in Wiltshire. Well known for its racing circuit and as a ‘quintessential’ part of the Cotswolds.

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Combe Without a Castle

Today, against the ill feeling residing in the back of my throat, I forced myself out for a walk with the local Ramblers group. I often find that fresh air helps me when I’m feeling bunged up (unless it’s winter) and I’d much rather be outdoors than stuck inside a stuffy room with flies buzzing around. I also decided it would be better to risk infecting some people I may not know!


I’d been eyeing up the Castle Combe walk since I first noticed it on the program. It’s an area I’d not explored but had heard many positive things about. Yet it’s not at all far from some of the other locations I’ve previously explored on my own – just a little further east and north of the A420. I haven’t taken my usual plethora of photos for this so I’m comfortable to share them all with you this evening.

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