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Southern Quantocks – June 2016 (Part 2)

Saturday 11th June 2016

Having arrived at Wills Neck, I felt the urge to stop for an early lunch on the Quantock Hills. Overhead, however, the sky remained grim and overcast. There was a threat it could begin to rain at any moment – as it had started to, back down in Cothelstone.

Instead of heading north towards Great Wood, as my finalised route would do; I turned immediately east towards Lydeard Hill.

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Southern Quantocks Walk (Part 2) – April 2016

Saturday 23rd April 2016

This would be the decision-maker on whether or not my new-found return route to the car would register this figure-of-eight loop as a success.

Or was I headed for another succession of broken stiles, ploughed fields and overgrown vegetation? Let’s go back to the southern half of the Quantock Hills!

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Southern Quantocks Walk (Part 1) – April 2016

Saturday 23rd April 2016

Another month in 2016 and another opportunity to complete a circular walk within the southern region of the Quantock Hills.

Like each of my others previously; this one began in Broomfield, with the plentiful of parking opportunities at Fyne Court. So, let’s skip ahead to join the walk at the top of Cothelstone Hill, one-hour and almost three-miles in.

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Quantocking in Winter (Part 1)

Sunday 28th February 2016

With an eye on completing a successful circuit around the southern half of the Quantock Hills last month, I headed deeper down in to Somerset for a reasonable walk.

Previous walks have led me to the discovery of several obstructed and inaccessible footpaths towards the end of each walk… Would this outing deliver the same outcome?

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Quandry on the Quantocks (Part 2)

From where I left you in Part 1, at the summit Wills Neck down on the highest point of the Quantock Hills; I was still less than a mile away from the halfway point on this (intended) 16-mile walk, meaning that in spite of all the inclines to get this far, I was forcing myself to go a little bit further before resting for lunch.

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Quandry on the Quantocks (Part 1)

One week after a rather abrupt end to my first walk-leading experience over the northern Quantock Hills and I returned to deepest Somerset to pre-walk a route I’d devised that would introduce another group of followers to the southern stretch of these beautiful hills.

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Fyne Court

As a final instalment to my (initial) series on exploring the Quantock Hills, I’m going to share with you some of the sights and experiences from my early-evening visit to Fyne Court. As you may recall from Part 2 of my Southern Quantock Greenway walk; this came at the end of a 21-mile trek, when I was delighted to discover my car sat behind unlocked gates, albeit in absolute isolation.

Fyne Court – Broomfield, Somerset.

For those who don’t know; Fyne Court is a National Trust property with a lot of outdoor space to explore, it’s own café and, perhaps best of all, entry and car parking come at no cost whatsoever!

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Quantock Greenway South (Part 2)

Picking up from where we left off at the top of Wills Neck in Part 1, this walk continues in an east/north-easterly direction across the Quantock Hills in search of Broomfield.

Bluebells of Lydeard Hill.

I should point out that from here on, I chose to ignore the Quantock Greenway for many miles as it overlapped with a portion of the route from the Northern stretch. So, I set myself the challenge of navigating my own return route using little more than an OS map, a compass and my own two eyes… This is what adventuring in the great outdoors is all about, right?

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