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Backwell Hill (Part 2)

At the end of Part 1, I was more than halfway up the hill road and closing in one the highest point.

From here, I’ll almost pass-by an old, familiar estate (pretty close to where I lived, for a time), before completing my return route around Bristol Airport.

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Backwell Hill (Part 1)

On Sunday, I set off on a big of a walk that was intended as a minor journey of ‘self-rediscovery‘. I’ve been lacking a bit of inspiration to go heading off too far at this time of year and, as always, I like to try and reduce my petrol usage. It made sense to leave the car at home and set off from my front door in Wrington.

My destination was Backwell. A village in which I attended secondary school and, for a period of six-years, I lived on the southern skirt of the village – not a million miles from where I live today.

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Staying Local

I’m fortunate to be able to call upon the Mendip Hills as part of my local landscape but last weekend I set off on a walk that was even closer to the home, as I ascended north in to woodland that acts as a kind of divide between my life, past and present.

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