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Brecon Beacons – Mountain Rescue Walk

Sunday 18th September 2016

I’m no stranger to the Four Peaks that epitomise the Brecon Beacons for many visitors. Having climbed three of them twice within the previous sixteen-months, I hadn’t expected to be revisiting this mountain range so soon.


Brunel Walking Group arranged an event where we would be led on a walk by two volunteers of Brecon Mountain Rescue Team. Assuming we might stray from the well worn and ‘motorway’ tracks, I decided to go along.

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Back to the Brecons (Part 2)

Friday 3rd of June 2016

With two peaks behind me, I was ready for the second-half of this challenging walk.

Before I could begin the climb to the summit of Cribyn, I had to endure a drop of more than two-hundred metres, from the heights of Pen Y Fan.

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Back to the Brecons (Part 1)

Friday 3rd of June 2016

As a final (and intensive) training exercise ahead of last Sunday’s Mendip Challenge; I left work at 12.30, jumping on to the M5 motorway and then west across the Second Severn Crossing and in to Wales.

It was roughly one-year since my only prior visit to the Brecon Beacons. I had returned to take on the Four Peaks Walk; aiming for a one-hundred per cent completion…

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Exploring Waterfall Country

Bank Holiday Monday 25th May 2015

I’m somewhat relieved to be able to recount this walk here on my blog, as if I were to produce a video in this moment, I would fail stupendously to correctly pronounce many of the Welsh words and names you are like to find below. From the title, you should have an idea of what’s to follow in the photos. This was officially our last day in Wales. We’d already packed up and departed from the campsite before this walk began. You could view it as a convenient means of deterring the long drive home however, from having seen it myself, I can only now hoister it as an essential pit stop! Read more of this post

Lone Wolf Campsite

If you enjoy camping and have had or are entertaining thoughts about a stay in South Wales then I’d encourage you to read this post because, as we discovered over the Bank Holiday weekend, staying at Lone Wolf Campsite offers a truly unique experience.

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Brecons Beaten

Saturday 23rd May 2015

I’m excited to now be able to sit down, write and share with you my first experience of walking in the Brecon Beacons. It’s already been six-days (unbelievable) and yet, it’s memory that I am very keen to hold on to.

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Tintern and Beyond

It’s time to write about a group walk I joined over a week ago now. This was the day after walking (at least) fourteen miles up and down the North Somerset coastline between Clevedon and Portishead.

For many, I’m sure, that would warrant a rest day (as typical Sundays surely are for some). But to me, I’m in training for a few long-distance charity walks over the summer and I’d been meaning to visit Tintern Abbey for a good couple of years now.

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2015: Year of Camping

This weekend was supposed to be my final camping weekend of the year. I could sit here and list a bundle of reasons as to why I’ve instead decided to stay at home but there’s no point on dwelling over what cannot be changed. I have a busy couple of weekends ahead but if I can spare a few days in early-to-mid October then I’d still like to make an effort to head down to Exmoor and get away from everything.


While my camping adventures for 2014 may end away with the warmer weather, I can now begin to look forward to and plan ahead for where I might like to go in 2015.

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