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A couple of people have recently pointed out to me that I’ve not apparently been very active in the kitchen of late. This is somewhat true, although I have managed to refrain from the perils of starvation. Two of my friends came to my aid on my birthday with gifts to help inspire me back in to trying new things in the world of the culinary.


These people know me so well… Bread and pasta are two of my favourite meals! But that’s not to say that cook books are the only form of literature I’ve been reading this year…

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A Combe and Castle Walk

This is my walk from last Sunday; seven-days on from the experience of leading the walking group for the very first time (I still intend to write about that but I don’t have many photos with which to spread it out). It was a walk alone, as the group walk, as the group walk on that day didn’t particular interest me (ironically, there are now three to choose from for tomorrow). It’s one that I discovered a few weeks back in one of two eBooks I purchased from Geoff Mullett’s Walk West series (these are recommend by the organisers behind the walking group).

I would’ve preferred a hardback copy (you can occasionally spot older editions on eBay although, the eBooks are MUCH cheaper) but the printed sheets worked fine (provided I kept them in order) and even with a simple sketch of a map, I was able to navigate my way around the route without getting too lost.

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Grandpa’s Workshop

If you’re a follower of the Lost Art Press then, you’ll no doubt have heard about Grandpa’s Workshop. It’s been blogged and reblogged all over the place for the last few months and, quite recently, it became available in the UK, thanks to Classic Hand Tools.

Brown paper wrapping

Brown paper wrapping

I haven’t bought anything tool or even wood-related for a while but, as I’m in to reading and especially writing at the moment, I decided to purchase this one, as soon as I read about it in CHT’s monthly newsletter.

Grandpa's Workshop - Maurice Pommier

Grandpa’s Workshop – Maurice Pommier

I cannot review the book just yet as it now sits amongst an ever-growing pile of books I’m slowly working my way through. Instead, I thought I’d take some time and photographs to show you just how delicately wrapped it was upon delivery last week.

Tools List

Tools List

Had I bought this book from an average seller on Amazon then, I’m sure they wouldn’t have gone to the effort of wrapping it in brown paper. As a hardback book, many might see this step as unnecessary, within the confines of a jiffy bag. But, it certainly is a very nice touch and, of course, you get the extra satisfaction from having to unwrap an item you’ve already received and opened. I don’t wish to share the contents of this book, even after I’ve read it, as I’d hope you might consider buying it yourself some day. Just inside the front and back covers, you’re presented with a tools list for everything featured further ahead (or behind).

If you are interested in a review though, I would suggest you look here.

I apologise for the quality of these photos as the lighting isn’t great indoors.

Thanks for reading.

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