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Circuit of Bath 2014

Already, it’s been six-days since I completed my second successive Circuit of Bath challenge. I didn’t take quite as many photos on this occasion – or, to put it another way; I didn’t photograph quite as much – because you’ll have already seen so much of it from last year’s event. But I hope you enjoy what I do have to share.

It began on a misty Sunday morning, near Lansdown

The Circuit of Bath is an annual fundraising event in support of Julian House. I’ve chosen to walk the full 20-mile circuit where as you can walk as little as 2 miles if you’d prefer.

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Solsbury Hill Survivors

So, today I made the awaited return trip to Little Solsbury Hill as leader of the local walking group. I was a little disappointed (and surprised) by the relatively low-number turnout compared to some of my previous walks. Then again, it was raining around 7am when I woke up this morning and the forecast was for at least a cloudy day…

“Forget the cud, they want blood!” – Apocalypse Cow

But, the forecasters didn’t get it quite right and we really enjoyed our walk, keeping up a great pace, too – we somehow completed the circuit in less time than my second pre-walk 8 days ago!

However, the real tale from this walk was in our latest bovine encounter…

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Solsbury Hill Video

Following on from the weekend’s post about a wetter-than-hoped walked to Little Solsbury Hill and back, I’ve since added a sub-5 minute video to my YouTube channel also documenting the images and the views.

I’ve written before of my intentions to carry more of my walking interest over on to YouTube and I feel like I’ve been waiting for that ‘perfect’ video, with 4 already saturating space on my laptop’s hard drive. I set off on this pre-walk without any intention of doing more than snap a few photos. But, as the sun broke through and remained on my ascent to the top, I decided I might turn it in to a ‘Vlog’ of sorts. Perhaps that is my way forward?

Oh, and I also felt as though the photos I was taking of those pigs weren’t going to do them justice! 😉

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Soaking Up On Solsbury Hill

Today, in spite of the advice from every local weather forecast I could find, I headed on out to Marshfield, just south of the Cotswolds, to go on a 10.5 mile hike down to Bath‘s Little Solsbury Hill and back up again. Next Sunday, I’ll be leading a group along this same route. But for a failed MOT and absence of a car last weekend, I’d have done this already.


From the top of Little Solsbury Hill, looking over Bath.

I’m not going to drone on about a walk I’ve already covered – and, of course, one I’ll be covering for the third time in 4 months come next Sunday evening. But I have selected a handful of photographs from the day and I’m going to share those with you, along with some of the things I noticed on this return outing.

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Between Bristol and Bath

In an effort to begin getting you back up to speed with my recent walking adventures, I’m going to start this evening by sharing an expedition that occurred before the house move. It just about covers four small villages in an 11-mile circuit between two major westcountry cities so, the title above was my most succinct way of creating a heading.

This is another one from the series of Walk West books and, as would happen, it became the final walk before my Renault Kangoo van went to the scrap yard.

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Priston and the Watermill

It’s been a fortnight since I did this walk and I’ve just noticed in my Flickr photo set that I implied it included a visit to ‘Prison’ and not to a small village near Marksbury, just west of the city of Bath! All is amended correctly now. But my intention for this Sunday was to join the walking group and to venture up to Pen Y Fan on the Brecon Beacons. I was late leaving the house, I got caught by the road works and everyone had gone by the time I arrived at the meeting point. I didn’t fancy driving 70 miles each way on my own (not to mention paying £12 for my van to cross the toll bridge) so I decided to head straight home and to collect the map of a 6.5 mile route I’d printed off a few weeks earlier.

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Circuit of Bath 2013

Sunday was a day I’d been anticipated for just over three whole months. It’s great when you meet someone who has shared interests. It’s rare that I meet another walker but I’m grateful to have met several people in the last year who are also passionate about walking and the outdoors. It was one of these friends who first let me know about the annual Circuit of Bath Walk, which is a fund-raising even of up to 20-miles of walking. It’s all in aid of Julian House; a charity who provide food, shelter and support to people living rough on the streets of Bath.

My fund-raising page was setup about a month in advance and I managed to raise a small amount which has already been received by the charity. I’ll remain open until the end of December so, if you are feeling generous, small donations are always welcome.

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