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Leading Through Lansdown

My most recent walk-leading experience took place two-weeks ago today. It’s number 2 for 2014 and my third is already lined up for a weekend in early July. This walk followed the same route that I took during my pre-walk in March. This time, the big difference was that the day continued as it began, under the rays of glorious sunshine.

My followers for the day.

Let’s return to Lansdown near Bath; just north-west of the city centre.

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Crook Peak Complete!

Today, I feel absolutely shattered. My legs ache as they haven’t done for many weeks. My throat is making a sound that suggests I’m still half-asleep and even my head’s still about twelve-hours behind. I was intending to get out in to the workshop and to finish two boxes I’ve been making but they’ll have to wait. I need this day (thank goodness, it’s a Bank Holiday) to rest and recover. So, I’ll use my time this afternoon to write about my third walk-leading experience from yesterday.

View from Wavering Down to Crook Peak, with the end-point in sight!

If you’re interested in seeing the final route for yourself then please click here.

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High on a Hill

Meditation has become something that is quite significant within my life. It’s not something I practice as often as I feel I should and I find I am at my best when I’m at a centre with a dedicated time and space for meditation. But last Sunday, I created a bit of a ‘revelation’ for myself in being able to meditate high on top of one of the Mendip Hills.

Meditating up on Crook Peak, Somerset.

This post is supplemented with photographs courtesy of my Instagram account.

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