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Time to Talk 06/02/2014

Although I’d forgotten by the time the day came around; Thursday 6th February 2014 was officially ‘Time to Talk Day’. To be more precise; it was set as date for people to share and discuss the taboo subject of Mental Health. But as as a good friend of mine said on her own blog that day; it’s not solely about saving and waiting for this one date… Mental Health is a topic that can be discussed on any day and that, really, is the whole point. To get people talking. To continue working towards overcoming the errant stigma and that is why I am writing right now.

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Achieving Perfection

For those of you who don’t read or follow my other blog, I’ve been attending one-to-one counselling sessions for the last month or so, in order to address some of the issues I’ve faced for much of my life (mostly revolving around anxiety and fear, leading to stints of depression). I won’t go in to any of that on these pages but, last week’s one-hour session included an interesting discussion on the art of achieving Perfection

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m quite a perfectionist myself, even when I let the odd minor detail slip or slide with my woodwork. But, apparently, perfection does not exist; it is impossible to achieve. For that reason, we should all be looking to achieve something else – not just with our work but, in our every day lives – our own, personal excellence.

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