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Mud / Moonrise Kingdom

Mud is one of those films that Amazon randomly recommended to me, along with a list of others, inside an e-mail. Perhaps it was because I’d been renting other titles (Contact) that happened star Matthew McCounaghey. Either way, I was intrigued to see more about this man apparently living in the wild, surviving by his own means.


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New Phone

A little over a week ago, I returned home from work one evening to find my two-year-old smartphone sitting in ‘unresponsive mode’. I’d switched on the wi-fi and I heard a notification ring as I continued with the washing up. But, when I later took a glance at my phone, all I could see was the ‘Samsung’ logo.

Assuming it had overloaded and reset itself (as it occasionally liked to), I attempted a basic forced restart, only to arrive at the same result. Looking online, I found tips for doing a simple factory restet but, even then, I could not reach a menu beyond the static image of an Android robot.

With the warranty having expired, it is pending a repair at my own expense (I almost lost my laptop and had to complete a system restore after attempting to ‘Flash’ the phone myself). I’d thought about buying myself a new phone for Christmas and now, it seemed, the writing was on the wall.

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