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#Walk1000Miles – September 2016

I feel like I was writing August’s post only yesterday! That dreaded C-word is only lurking closer. Very soon, it’ll be 2017!


If you were to follow these posts very closely, you may notice a pattern emerging, where I appear to be sliding ‘downhill’, slowly, in the sense that my mileage is declining.


Well, that’s certainly how I feel and, whether it’s the change in seasons, time of year or generally unhappiness within my job, I have to admit that my motivation for life generally has begun to wane.

I still don’t know quite how I managed to creep up and over one-hundred miles for the month of August – an achievement I am still pleased with. But I doubt I’ll be completing another ‘One-Hundred Mile Month’ in 2016.

More importantly, I’m closer to my personal target for this year of eight-hundred miles. There’s a chance I could sneak up on nine-hundred but, otherwise, I’m happy to accept that I won’t be hitting that bigger milestone.


04/09 – 4 miles – Brean Down
11/09 – 10 miles – Coaley Peak (with Brunel Walking Group)
18/09 – 10 miles – Brecon Beacons (with Brunel Walking Group)
23/09 – 8 miles – Chew Valley Lake24/09 – 3 miles (guesstimate) – Croome and Worcester
25/09 – 23 miles – Circuit of Bath Walk

Total = 58 miles

On its own, I see a low compilation of walks for one month, considering my average over some of the previous months. But I can take a positive from the fact that, before adding the evening walks, I’ve achieved more than a half-Century of miles. I can think back to those winter months at the start of the year, when I would struggle to do even that much.

Plus 16.5 miles in my local area

Total for September 2016 = 74.5 miles


Current total for 2016 = 713.5 miles

From here on, I think it’s almost time to swap shorts for trousers and to pack a flask of tea in place of extra water. I also need to buy a new pair of gaiters because the cheaper ones do not seem to last.

Thanks for reading.

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