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#Walk1000Miles – August 2016

August arrived and then, seemed to depart so very suddenly. At first, it was as if the remnants of a typical summer had run away with it… More recently, temperatures have almost begun to rise again and we live in hope of what is often referred to as an Indian Summer.


August was a good month for walking and my efforts to add to progress with my “one-thousand mile” challenge. I always believed it was going to be a good one – it’s almost as if May, June and July are there to provide a warm up for the serious effort.


While my tally for the past month is not ground-breaking by my own standards, it is one that I can be proud of.

I managed to achieve a lot within the space of four-and-a-half weeks…

Leading a walk around Priddy; exploring Shropshire for the first time and for five-days; my first walk on Exmoor for over a year and, through evening walks, I managed to discover footpaths that were new to me.

  • 05/08 – 6 miles – Priddy (pre-walk)
  • 07/08 – 7.5 miles – Sand Bay and Sand Point
  • 12/08 – 6.5 miles – Priddy (another pre-walk)
  • 14/08 – 9 miles – Priddy (leading Brunel Walking Group)
  • 21/08 – 1 mile – Powis Castle (it’s a guesstimate)
  • 22/08 – 11 miles – Stiperstones (Shropshire)
  • 22/08 – 0.5 miles – Mitchell’s Fold Stone Circle (Shropshire)
  • 23/08 – 7 miles – Ironbridge (Shropshire)
  • 23/08 – 2 miles – Wenlock Edge (Shropshire)
  • 23/08 – 1.5 miles – Bishop’s Castle (Shropshire)
  • 24/08 – 8.75 miles – The Long Mynd and Carding Mill Valley (Shropshire)
  • 24/08 – 0.5 miles – Wroxeter Roman City (Shropshire)
  • 25/08 – 3.5 miles – Ludlow (Shropshire)
  • 27/08 – 16 miles – Exmoor

(80.75 miles)

Plus 24.25 miles of local walks

Total for August = 105 miles


I’m pleased to have another ‘Hundred Mile Month’ under my belt. I like to think I can do the same again in September. Beyond that, I strongly believe the diminishing hours of daylight are going to have a strong effect.

I’ve bent my own rules slightly by including some “walks” that I might not have counted, had they been very close to home in another town or city centre… Partly out of desperation, when I felt the month was progressing slowly at first; partly because I want to take as much from that time in Shropshire as possible.


Current total for 2016 = 639 miles

Of course, I’m also very pleased to have beaten the six-hundred hurdle – my absolute minimum target. Furthermore, I’m almost halfway to seven-hundred miles! I feel confident that I can achieve eight-hundred miles this year, whatever the winter comes to throw at us.


I don’t think I’ll be camping again this year but I certainly won’t stop walking. My thoughts are already looking towards another walk that I can lead, while would be my fifth of the year.

Thanks for reading and get outside! 😉

4 responses to “#Walk1000Miles – August 2016

  1. Ruth Livingstone 09/09/2016 at 05:49

    Well done on your mileage this month, Olly. I’m on course for 1,000 miles as well this year. And I confess I count *every* walk I make, even if it’s only a mile down to the shops and back. Some days we have the luxury of long walks, while on others we can only manage short ones – but it’s all walking!

    • Olly Parry-Jones 10/09/2016 at 09:25

      Thanks, Ruth and I’m glad to hear that you’re on course. Do you follow the Facebook group? It’s good to know you count every walk and that there are no concrete rules with this challenge, where some people include steps taken at work.

      Do you think the approaching autumn and winter might have an effect on your walks?

  2. Mountain Goat 13/09/2016 at 13:47

    Great post! The idea of goal setting to get outside is a awesome way to make the year memorable and quite the story to tell. Well done…Happy Trails!

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