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#Walk1000Miles – March 2016

Ignore today’s date for a moment as there’ll be no such tomfoolery in this blog post.

March has been a positive month for walking and perhaps even more so than any other, so far this year.

My tally of miles walked in March 2016:

06/03 – 10.5 miles near Pensford
12/03 – 11.5 miles near Pensford
19/03 – 13 miles near Chew Valley Lake
25/03 – 16 miles in Dorset

Plus a combined total of 14 miles of local walks around the village.

Grand total for March = 65 miles

With the spring beginning to take over from winter’s dark an icy grip, I’ve been able to benefit from the increased opportunities to get outdoors and to head off on longer walks. I’ve been able to successfully create two walks that I will happily lead with the walking group.

I’ve been able to explore and discover footpaths, routes and areas of land that had always been close to home yet, previously unknown by me. An obvious highlight was seven-days ago, when I ventured down to continue walking the South West Coast Path (Part 2 is coming soon).

I am disappointed to realise that I’m still below the two-hundred mile mark when, by now, I would really like to have been closer to three-hundred miles… There’s a definite scope for me to complete more evening walks, along with short walks of an increased length.

It’s beginning to feel as though I could end this year some way short of the one-thousand mile mark (even though, when I started this, I set that wasn’t a personal target…). But I also try to remind myself that the best months of walking with the longest hours of daylight and the warmest of weather are still to come.

Total for 2016 so far = 158.75 miles

Thanks for reading.


2 responses to “#Walk1000Miles – March 2016

  1. Ruth Livingstone 02/04/2016 at 06:33

    The 1000 mile challenge is one of my goals too. In fact I aim for 100 miles a month, although that’s been difficult this winter with so much rain and mud! Well done for achieving as much as you have.

    • Olly Parry-Jones 02/04/2016 at 07:47

      Hi Ruth, yes, that’s also been one of my aims. I imagined it would be easy to walk 100 miles each month but I’ve never accurately tracked my progress before.

      For me, 20 miles in a weekend (two ten mile walks) seems very possible and another ten miles or so could easily be added with weekday evening walks.

      All it really needs is the commitment and half decent weather, I think. 🙂

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