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A Beautiful Mind / The Hobbit

A Beautiful Mind is a biopic starring Russell Crowe, who portrays the life of John Nash (a man who died tragically in May of this year). Mr. Nash is a man who develops schizophrenia and, throughout the film, we get to witness the affects not only on the man himself but also, how the disorder affects his interactions with those around him.


There’s a highly misinformed stereotype where any schizophrenic is portrayed as having some form of a multiple personality disorder… I like to think that a film like this can help to educate some people because a person’s mental health is not to be taken lightly. I hope it also shows people that someone with (or without) a ‘diagnosis’ may be capable of functioning in every day life (instead of being resigned to padded, windowless rooms and restraints).

This is one of those films where I’m reluctant to say too much for anyone who’s not already seen it. It is, indeed, a beautiful film and, at times, I found myself questioning what was ‘real’ the first time I saw it. On my second viewing, I noticed ‘links’ and ‘chains’ that I wasn’t aware of the first time.

As for The Hobbit; I finally got to watch the last instalment at around the same time. The Battle of the Five Armies reminded me somewhat of the final part to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, in the sense that the impending war comes to a head and someone is going to have to stand tall and victorious at the end of it…

Had I not seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy [a decade ago now? Really?!?], I might have enjoyed this series a bit more. That’s not to imply that I haven’t enjoyed it; more so that I haven’t been ‘wowed’ as much. Evangeline Lilly makes a great elf, though.

Of course, if know the Fellowship of the Ring quite well then you can probably guess who makes it out alive in this one.

I’m hoping to be able to provide you with a slightly-less-grainy image for my next review.

Thanks for reading.


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