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When Biscuits Go Bad

As far as baking goes, I’ve always seen biscuits as perhaps the simplest of options available. Cakes can sink and sag but, being relatively flat, there isn’t a lot that can go wrong with a biscuit, is there?


This was my first attempt from a Flora recipe for Easy Cinnamon and Raisin Cookies.

As you can see above; they were a little bit overdone but also, they’d expanded in their overall diameters without really rising at all… In addition to that, they were incredibly gooey on the underside, even after cooling. Without knowing what else to do, I decided to mix up a second batch.

I must admit that I did not use any kind of Flora-branded butter or spread. Would it really have made a difference?!


For that first attempt, I cut from a standard block of softened butter. For attempt No.2 though, I decided to scoop from Lidl’s own-brand tub of spreadable stuff.


Again, teaspoons of the complete mixture were placed on to the lined baking tray.


But the result, sadly, was very much like my first. Albeit, slightly lighter in colour as I’d reduced the cooking times.

They were still overly moist and anything but biscuit-like in overall texture. I stuffed both batches in to an air-tight storage box before later deciding to serve them up in a bowl and douse them with cream – it did make for a really nice pudding! No photos of that treat exist though, because it didn’t last long enough for me to get my camera out! 😉


On a separate attempt, I attempted to make these oat-based biscuits. They’re square because I don’t have a round cutting tool and they were also a little soft… They helped to fuel me along one of the long-distance walks I did quite recently.

So, with most cookies and cakes, I have not a lot of trouble. Biscuits, however, are proving to be more of a challenge…

Thanks for reading, happy baking and remember – a little cream can go a long way!


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