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New Year, New Clutter

So, we’re now in to Month 2 of 2015 and how are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along?


I’m making a renewed effort to clear more clutter from my home and in this post, I’ll be looking briefly at some of the items I’ve selected over the past month.

There are twenty-eight DVDs in that photo above. That’s not bad going, considering my collection stands at more than one-hundred strong… The only slight complaint is that I selected this batch a year ago and, aside from very recently placing an ad on a local Facebook group, I’ve not done anything to empty to the box and get them out of my home. They’ll probably end up on eBay (which seems like a lot of effort).

In February, I aim to sort through my CD tower – which is also something I was proposing to do a year ago!


I probably bought these games in to the conversation previously as well. I’m certainly going to try and offload the two at the top but I might hold on to the compendium (at least, for the time being)… It’s risky but a 66% clearance is more positive than anything else.


This bag of clothes (mostly old and well worn) had been filling up for several months and, as of yesterday, I took it to the tip for recycling. Nothing here would’ve been worthy of a charity shop visit. But I won’t be rushing to replace every item and stuff my drawers again either.


Speaking of drawers; I have this bedside cabinet that I intend to downsize… There are three drawers; none of which are entirely essential. I could certainly confine the total contents in to a single space. So, sometime this year, I’ll be looking to replace this old thing with a less-clutter-inducing design.


These tiles and the tub of paint have been sat here ever since I finished my bathroom work on Christmas Eve. There weren’t many 150mm tiles left and so I took them all to the tip. Both the silicone and paint will come in handy but this section of the floor is clear again.

I also have a pack of ten 200mm x 300mm wall tiles that I’m intending to sell, having only used six from the pack and with no further use for the rest.


Speaking of floor space; I’ve rearranged things slightly so that the majority of my useful crap now resides behind the open door. It’s easier to get to and doesn’t interfere with my living space at the other end.


I’m still holding on to a lot of old jiffy bags and packaging stuff… I really should make an effort to move these. Some could go with DVD sales and, short of binning the rest, I could, of course, offer them to a fellow Freecycler.


This Mikro-Bike is something I’ve been holding on to for no real reason. I’ve never used it and, even when I tried to use it last year, I quickly realised that my legs are too long. It’s been one of the most popular items I’ve ever advertised on Freecycle (my poor inbox).


These cranked, 18in hook-and-band hinges were purchased when I used to think about making a pair of garage doors for my former-workshop. They’ve been tucked away for too long and shouldn’t be in my home now. Hopefully, someone will pay £10 for the two pairs.

So, that’s where I’m at on the 1st of February… Hopefully, I can make further progress over the next 30 days (or less). I can already think of other items as I sit here and write this.

Thanks for reading.


3 responses to “New Year, New Clutter

  1. roger green 01/02/2015 at 18:59

    How is the woodworking going? It is that that attracted me to your site and the fact that you had a small workshop like my own

    • Olly Parry-Jones 01/02/2015 at 19:06

      I appreciate that, Roger. I actually left that workshop after moving last year. My contents is currently in storage. I don’t have access to a workshop here. I’ll have another one some day; I just don’t know when.

      Sorry, I know this isn’t very clear on my blog.

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