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Time to Vent

Another little job to accompany the installation of my pot-hanging rack on Saturday.

When I moved in to this flat almost a year ago, I noticed a (presumably) hammer-hewn hole in the wall just beyond the space reserved for a conventional washing machine. It provides some airflow to the ventilation brick on the external wall but not only does it look unsightly but I also wonder whether it’s the reason I’ve experienced an influx of flies over the summer months this year.

It’s a little job I’ve been meaning to tidy up for a while and, at no great expense, I attained a simple louvre vent with a flyscreen on the reverse.

I used my own hammer to finish opening the hole (approximately 6in x 4in or 150mm x 100mm) and with a dust pan resting beneath, I was able to collect most of the debris as I swept it out (although, a vacuum would’ve been better for removing the fine dust).

Study the photo above and you’ll see there are ‘wires’ that disappear in to the wall just to the right of the opening… Except, I do not think they are wires. My cheap wire detector won’t react to them and they do appear to run directly in to the water heater beneath my sink, which suggests to me that they instead carry water.

Either way, I don’t want to risk drilling in to or through them!

Until the winds picked up the other night, I had the vent cover (minus the flyscreen) temporarily secured to the wall with two strips of masking tape, as I’m uncertain of how to proceed further. I could almost safely place two screws in the centre (one top, one bottom) but I still feel it would need fixing to the sides and corners. There’s just no telling where those pipes are headed beyond the plaster.

Is it possible to bond this vent to the wall with some kind of adhesive?

Thanks for reading. Especially if you can offer some form of advice.


4 responses to “Time to Vent

  1. mpzross 07/10/2014 at 23:18

    I think you could bond your screen to the wall with a bead of some building adhesive such as NoNails. Just a thought!

  2. shavingsandawl 08/10/2014 at 09:27

    No More Nails could well work Olly, or even gripperfill. I used this to bond mdf to a wooden chest and it has held up no problem at all. I also remember them doing demonstrations with the adhesive bonding a chair to the wall.
    I am afraid I have no idea what the “cables” are. Can you take the cover off the water heater and see if they terminate electrically or into a water vessel?

    • Olly Parry-Jones 08/10/2014 at 19:02

      Hi Alistair,

      Well, that’s three people who’ve suggested the adhesive route and that’s the way I’m going to go – thank you! Theoretically, I could investigate but it’s a cramped space beneath the kitchen sink and I’d rather leave the wet and electrical stuff alone.

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