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Saving Water; Wasting Time!

A few weeks ago, I received a package from Bristol Water, who kindly make available a selection of FREE items to their customers which can be fitted to improve water efficiency within your home (I believe you can order them from their website although I did mine through the post).

As you can see above; I received one item that fits to a tap, another that goes inside the toilet cistern and a third which economises on the water flow of your shower.

A couple of days ago, I decided I would finally have a look at fitting them…

These tap inserts are primarily designed to fit on the ends of taps with removable nozzles and they come with a couple of different bushings to fit one of two main sizes… But my kitchen tap does not have a removable bit and so, I could not use this.

On the left of that photo, you can see the shower regulator and the packaging states that this will save you money (and water) if your shower can fill 700mm in to a jug within 5 seconds… It took more like 8 seconds for my shower to run 700ml of water and so, there was no need to fit this.

That left me with the Save-a-Flush bag…

Read the instructions before… Anything!

On the moment I tore open the packaging, I realised there was a reason it was so tough to open – you’re not supposed to open it!! In my defence, I’d like to claim that they could’ve mentioned this somewhere outside the bag. It’s weird though; because when I received the kit, I knew what it was and I understood how it worked. Had I gone to the cistern first out of these three, I might have avoided this foolish error.

However, from what I can tell, this economic solution is very similar to the bottle trick, where you fill a small bottle with water and leave it carefully inside the cistern, first ensuring that it does not interfere with any moving parts.

I may now try and pass the other two bits on to others via. Freecycle. That cistern bag has already found its way in to the bin!

Thanks for reading and save water but don’t make the same mistake that I did!


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