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Home is Where the Heat Is

I’m relieved to finally be able to say that my bathroom finally has a source of heating!

It may not be plumbed-in and it may only be available ‘on demand’ but it’s got to improve the prospect of showering next winter!

It was installed just before the Easter weekend. For an item that costs only £30-40 and, from what I witnessed, takes only one-hour to install, I’m not sure why there was a delay until the fitting of this after the completion of the two storage heaters but I’m delighted to be able to say that the wait is finally over! 🙂

With or without the backing of the local council; my landlord’s now done all that I had asked of him and it feels good to have made that difference. Even if I chose to move on and out at some point, this flat will be in better stead for a future tenant because of my persistence and strife.

As a heater, it’s dead simple to use… You pull the cord to turn it on, it blows hot air downwards and then, you can turn it off by pulling the cord again. There’s also a switch on the other side of the wall that acts as a kind of isolator for the pull cord. If I could click my fingers and change one thing, I would now move that pull cord to the left-hand side, in order to avoid confusion with the light switch hanging from the ceiling.

I have a little bit of work for myself with some filler and then pant but I’m more than happy to tidy the job up as the electrician was willing to come out after hours (much to the displeasure of my neighbours, I’m sure) and plus, we knew each other many years ago.

Masking tape is only temporary, I promise!

I was given the option of where I wanted the wiring to run from the switch outside the bathroom and, after failed attempts and faffing around with trunking, we agreed to run if vertically down behind the plasterboard before poking through to run down and under the carpet… However it may sounds, it looks tidy and you cannot feel it even under bare foot. The top edge of the skirting was already occupied with BT’s phone wire.

So, after more than five-months of living here, I’m pleased to say that I have a home that is heatable, at least without having to plug anything in to a wall socket!

Early results are that the heater makes a big difference and transforms the bathroom’s temperature after a few mere minutes. I have my concerns about the winter effect, with that large single-glazed unit on the rear, west-facing wall but perhaps I can address that in a few months’ time.

Thank you.

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