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Clutter Update

So, I’ve been living with the addition of ‘excess workshop clutter‘ for about three-weeks now and my casual efforts to declutter are progressing. It’s still too easy to look at the photo below and to decide that it’s not getting any better but I have helped three more items on their way over the past week and, of course, I’ll be looking to repeat fear over the coming seven days.

As it stands, today.

I’m grateful to everyone who has come and collected something from me so far. But I seem to be experiencing a recurring frustration where, each week, two people will agree to come at a certain time but not show up. I’d heard of this happening before but it seemed like a rarity when I lived 3 miles down the road in another village… Are people really that put off from driving in to Wrington?

I could certainly complain about the lack of parking opportunities at certain times of the day. Or, how only tenants from other buildings are allowed to park right outside my bedroom window… But I made that choice 5 months ago and I’m sticking with it for the time being.

I recently found myself wanting to hang on to all-three of these yellow buckets. Back in the early days of my previous workshop (2005), they provided me with a system of “dust collection” from my first planer (one at either end, plus a third for sweeping up). They’ve since been used for painting but today, I don’t need them. I’d set myself the intention of keeping one to fill and drain my washing machine but then, I realised that I own a mop bucket that is perfectly adequate… In all but its colour! 😛

Just this morning, I’ve demonstrated to over 1,700 people that I cannot ride this! It’ll now be looking for a new home.

But the business with people not turning up is frustrating. I had to force my last two boxes of firewood and offcuts on to an electrician who visited earlier in the week, simply because of two no-shows from eight-days earlier.

Across the room, I’m still just ‘living with it‘. But these items are ones I actually intend to use at some point. They have their place; it just perhaps shouldn’t be in my home, which makes me think about moving my storage stuff in to a larger unit (which equally, would come at a steeper cost).

Saying that, I still have a half-filled box of non-essential DVDs tucked in there…

That is a corner of my bedroom! Do I need to say any more?! All I can assure you is that the other three nooks are clutter-free.

So, I’ve mostly been giving away lots of small stuff because it just seems easier. Items that wait without interest are currently being piled up ready for a single trip to the recycling centre (see, I’m also conscious of my fuel consumption). But this week, I should start sifting ruthlessly through those three boxes of screws, bolts and ‘assorted stuff’. I’m sure there’s a lot in there that another could use and, with any luck, you’ll get to read about it next weekend.

Today is that perfect rainy day for jobs just like this… But I would still rather being doing anything else! 🙂


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  1. Stacy 23/04/2014 at 13:00

    Thanks for the pingback!

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