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Egg and ‘Chips’

Eggs. I work with a collection of people who buy them by the tray-load on a weekly basis. What exactly becomes of these ‘hen droppings’ remains a persistent mystery. Can one person really consume 24 eggs within seven days? Only to then repeat the feat a week later?? There must be an impending apocalypse or perhaps word has spread that there’s a golden egg to be found within our region…

They’re an item I rarely buy and, even when I do, a box of half-a-dozen will usually last me at least a fortnight. Beyond the humble scrambled eggs for breakfast, I’d not considered making any other meal with them, before attempting this recipe a few weeks ago now.

Here’s the recipe for Anytime Eggs.

It starts off with a few potato slices, resting in a frying pan. I made the mistake of buying larger potatoes than necessary so, I probably had enough for two servings!

Featuring LOTS of potato slices!

After a while, I added the chopped onion and tomato to the pan.

…This was when I realised that I probably had too much onion as well! You can see the egg ‘suffocating’ in the centre.

You’re instructed to cook the eggs to your own liking but, as I only know how to do scrambled, my e emerged simply as that. A bit messier than I’d intended.

As a mix, it tasted very nice and I could easily have increased the helpings of egg.

But with many potato slices sitting cold and lonely on another plate, I decided that I would attempt to do something with them and, vaguely recollecting an old video from woodworker John Heisz, I decided to make my own crisps (or ‘potato chips’, if you prefer).

Something in my mind told me that John boiled his slices first and foremost. I ended up doing this for 10 minutes, which made for incredibly flimsy and fragile pieces. If this step is at all necessary, I reckon 5 minutes would’ve been enough.

After boiling, I attempted to spread out each slicing of ‘mush’ in an arrangement on top of a baking tray for my halogen oven. Now, a mistake I made here was to use tin-foil as a baking sheet, as I recall it tainting the taste of this snack with that undeniable hint of… ‘Metal’.

I think I allowed 30 minutes for the cooking time. It wasn’t long past the halfway before they’d already begun to turn black and overly crispy.

In a desperate attempt, I used paper towels to dry and dry each crisp. But it wasn’t going to alter the blackening.

They may look unappetising but, if not for the aluminium taste, I was very satisfied to have made my own crisps!

Thanks for reading and Happy Egg Day (soon)…

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