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About Heating

If you’ve read closely within my other posts on the flat I’ve been living in since November, you might’ve picked up on the fact that there’s been a persistent ‘issue’ with the heating in my current home. I believe I also touched on this in the YouTube video I filmed where I walked you around the property. I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while. In fact, I was intending to include this in my follow up video (but for destroying my camera in an attempted DIY repair…).

It’s a subject where the ‘fear of who could be reading‘ has deterred me from making it all public but I’m pleased to now be able to report that there has recently been some significant progress made.

Going back to November and when I first viewed this property; I was told by the lettings agent that the heating here worked and that the apparent addition of two oil-filled radiators was simply to help with heating such a large and open space…

This property came with two night storage heaters and, very quickly, I established that the small heater in the bedroom wasn’t working, after several nights of tinkering with the settings. On the other hand though, the larger heater was working well and I could get up at 5.30am without feeling a chill (outside of the bedroom). This was in spite of the fact that the socket for this heater was hanging off the wall before I moved in – the agent implied that he would arrange for an electrician to visit but he then washed his hands of all responsibility as soon as I took hold of the keys.

About 10 days after moving in, I awoke one morning (same time, without having altered any settings on the previous day) to step in to a shockingly cold living space. At the wall socket, the light was on to indicate that power was at least getting that far from the main supply. But, after days of tinkering with the input and output, I had to conclude this heater was suddenly no longer working. It was time to call the landlord, who I’d never even spoken to before.

In the bedroom.

It was determined that I had sufficient temporary heating to carry on with but some time passed before the visit of an electrician was arranged to inspect these apparently faulty heaters. After inspecting the bedroom heater, he informed me that not only was it heavily corroded inside (Damp? Condensation?) but that it had already been disconnected from the supply.
So, that one was duly removed that one from the property.

He wasn’t able to determine a fault within the larger heater and neither was he confident of making a repair and so, it was decided that this one would also need to be replaced and my landlord agreed to this.

…But this was all conversed over the phone. There was nothing in writing between us.

More weeks past and I was still waiting for my replacements storage heaters to arrive. I’d been warned that some landlords can ‘take a long time‘ to carry out such duties. I do not believe that this man I’ve never met is a bad person. But, if I can offer two snippets of advice to anyone renting a property, they would be as follows:

Set your deadlines for any outstanding work to be completed.

Confirm everything in writing.

An early birthday present from the landlord…

I strongly believe that the only reason two brand-new storage heaters arrived at my property yesterday is because I have given my landlord deadlines to work to and, in the same letter, I outlined what could still happen if the work is not completed in time.

If ever you’re in doubt, speaking to your local council’s Private Rented Housing team for advice. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without their assistance and they do have the powers to enforce a landlord to take action, should it be deemed necessary.

For anyone living with or relying on night storage heaters…

Ensure that you understand the difference between the Input and Output controls and how to relate to one another.

(An introduction to storage heaters by Dimplex)

As far as delivery goes; I was advised that a second pair of hands would be required for a two man lift but I assume this is simply because these heaters are probably a little over 25kg each and the retailers are trying to cover their own backs (no pun intended). But it’s worth me mentioning that the heaters are dispatched complete but the bricks are packed SEPARATELY. I was able to handle each heater on my own quite comfortably and then it was time to heave in the bricks, which weren’t too bad, being stacked in pairs but certainly more of a dead weight than either heater.

What I’m saying is that I deemed it manageable for myself to accomplish alone. It would be up to you to decide whether or not you would require assistance.

Now, I await for the installation of these two new heaters and, with that, I’m also expecting the addition of a simple form of heating to my bathroom – which, as the council have informed me, is a mandatory requirement that a landlord must adhere to.

I am grateful to have only had to survive what’s been a relatively ‘mild‘ winter, here in the UK (today, in early spring, it’s felt quite like summer). One of my requirements is to maintain the interior paintwork here and that’s been in need of attention since before I moved in! With warmer weather moving in, that job is heading towards the top of my list.

Thanks for reading.

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