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Makin’ Bacon Wave

Did you know that you can make a bacon sandwich in a microwave? Some might disregard the microwave as nothing more than a re-heater-upper but I’ve spent almost the last three-years getting by with one, in the absence of a reliable gas or fan oven. I should add that mine’s a ‘combi’ model, with a convection fan feature for oven cooking meals. As I prepare to say goodbye to mine in exchange for a halogen oven, I thought I’d share with you this method of making a bacon sandwich.

Mmmmm… Bacon!

So, it naturally starts of with a pack of bacon and I favour the un-smoked back rashers, which seem to come in packs of 8. It may not be Denmark’s finest but, at less than £2, the price is right and I only eat this for my weekend breakfasts about once a month.

You’ll also need a microwavable bacon tray. Yes, you might be able to get by another way but the advantage of these trays, I’ve found, is that the fat is collected in the trough running around the perimeter, meaning that the bacon you eat is likely to be healthier than the usual fried offering. Just don’t put anything metallic in a microwave. Neither should you do as I did the first time I cooked a pizza in this oven and trust that a plastic dish is good enough for the job…

I should’ve bought a roll twice this length, as I now have none left for tomorrow!

I’ll cook four rashers on a Saturday and then four on the Sunday morning. This seems to work well in proportion with those baguettes you can buy from the bakery (or bakery section of your supermarket). But I don’t think I could squeeze any extra on to a tray.

It’s recommended that you cook three rashers for 3 minutes and so, I heat them for 4 minutes, turning each rasher over at the halfway mark.

Ready to eat in less than 5 minutes!

Two minutes doesn’t leave you with a lot of time to make a cup of tea, butter the bread and add the lettuce so it pays to do as much ‘cold’ preparation as you can before switching the oven on, or else you may find, as I do, that microwaved bacon tends to cool quite quickly. You might also want to warm the lettuce slightly – a thought I’ve only just entertained after finishing a take-away burger with everything on it [I’m writing this on Saturday evening].

It’s easier to clean the fat off sooner rather than later.

You’ll have a greasy, fatty mess to clean off the tray afterwards but I’ve always preferred that to the memories of spitting, burning and ringing fire alarms. I’m about to revert to using a saucepan but there’s probably some kind of grill-fitting you can buy that’ll equally suspend your rashers from the salts and fat.

Add a load of brown sauce and you’re done!

I’ve been too hasty in pushing my microwave out of place so now, I barely have the space to use it when I need to.

Thanks for reading and I hope you might have found this useful.

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5 responses to “Makin’ Bacon Wave

  1. stephenhughes 08/02/2014 at 14:57

    My girlfriend and I used to do this years ago… but we now have a Microwave Grill feature too… did you use the grill section on the Microwave to do this …. to get that crispy edge…?

    • Olly Parry-Jones 08/02/2014 at 16:21

      Hi Stephen,

      My microwave also came with a grill that would fit inside but I think I only used it once to cook some sausages. I’ve always liked how the bacon crisper collects the fat. Until you mentioned this, I’d forgotten that I even HAD a grill rack! 😉

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