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Spring Show Purchases

This post is going to be a brief recap of the few items I purchased at the Yandles show yesterday afternoon. I have driven all the way down there, looked around and then come home again without spending a penny in the past… That’s not easy to do! But then, I’m not one for splurging a small fortunate in a moment of madness (unless I’m sat infront of my laptop, perhaps…).

I already had half a bottle of Titebond II, which you can just see to the left in the photo above. With a total of seven chopping boards and two knife blocks to make in the next few weeks, there’s every chance that it wouldn’t be enough. I do believe that the extra bottle of this food-safe adhesive will prove to be a necessary purchase.

There are a couple of small projects that I’d like to complete this summer (mainly boxes) and I’m always keeping my eyes open for new finishes to try on things like this. I do like my oil finishes but sometimes, I wish I could at least teach myself to brush lacquer on without making a mess. That’s why I’m interested in Chestnut’s Acrylic Satin Lacquer. A sprayable finish, without the hassle of having to set-up or clean-out a spray gun! They’re meant to be low on CFCs as well.

If I could’ve found the stall belonging to Chestnut Products yesterday, I would also have purchased their gloss-finish lacquer, as this was (literally) the only can on the shelves in the main shop.

From the wood store, I found myself a 7ft length of 5x1in sapele – I only need 2ft x 4x1in for a small job but, this seemed more economical than buying a shorter, wider board. There’s also a 4ft length of American cherry, with about 8in between the sapwood on the other face. I’m think of running this down and stack-laminating it to create mum’s platter plate… I was tempted to buy a lump of 2in thick steamed pear but, it’s not cheap! I did look at their sycamore but there were cracks and checks down the sawn faces of the boards I looked at (Yandles prepare one face for you, so you can see before you buy).

American Cherry.

That length of cherry is fairly clean and it’s not something I’ve worked with before. I should have enough material to work around those knots if necessary. I didn’t buy any timber for the chopping boards. They had plenty of maple in stock but I didn’t see an awful lot of walnut to select from and, with my camera in one hand and many people milling about, I did feel a bit uncomfortable.

I’ve given myself plenty to get on with this year, even though I still have the two lengths of elm I bought at their previous show in September!! I am impressed that this all cost less than £35 though, as I was carrying precisely that amount of spare cash in my wallet, which meant I didn’t have to break in to my bank account! I’m very much a debit card man and rarely ever make cash withdrawals, you see.

Thanks for reading. If you made it to this show or perhaps another, why not share what you bought?


2 responses to “Spring Show Purchases

  1. Jeff Branch 07/04/2013 at 00:24

    Beautiful piece of cherry you have there.

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