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Boiler is Back!

A lot has happened (around the home) over the weekend and I’ve barely had the time to catch up on my e-mails, let alone think about what I want to do, next time I’m in the workshop!

So, I’ll keep this first post brief; simply to inform you that I arrived home on Friday afternoon to find the combi. boiler running on with heat coming from each of the radiators. Beneath it, the bowl was dry and empty. There was no drip to be heard or found. Somehow, the house even felt warmer and the boiler itself sounded more relaxed than before. I haven’t yet noticed it lighting up while the heating is off either.

Problem Part

This was the part I found in a box below; the one which was replaced. I assume it’s something to do with the pressure feed, as the pressure was dropping dramatically before (hence the water loss)… Apparently, there was an inferior plastic part inside which had broken and has now been replaced with a brass fitting (cost-saving measures at the manufacturing stage, I assume).

So, that’s been one less item to worry about, regardless of the expense (that part was far from cheap…). In the next day or so, I’ll show you the progress we made on the bathroom floor (unless you’re already seen it through my Twitter feed?).

(Although I’ve categorised this under ‘DIY’, it is certainly NOT something I attempted myself!)


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