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Box Joints and Bathrooms

It must have been three, if not four, weeks since I officially completed this tote-style box for the window shelf or cill in my bathroom… So many other things have been getting in the way of my woodworking and even keeping this blog up together… It’s kind of ironic that I make this post only a week before I begin packing everything up, ready to move back to my mum’s for a few months! That’s something else that’s really stressing me at the moment, as it now looks as though I’ll have to do most of the moving and cleaning all in the same day!

I’ll start this one off with a reminder of how the shelf space has looked for far too long now…

I am pleased with how the finished box has turned out, even though it’s taken me an aeon to get it done and updated on this site!

For a box that appears to be quite shallow inside, it doesn’t feel that way to me. It’s more than capable of holding all my bathroom accessories comfortably and I reckon a few tools would fit nicely in there as well. I do like the solid timber, slatted base.

Aside from a little breakout (bottom right), I’m very pleased with how well these box joints [comb joints, finger joints, whatever you like to call them!] have turned out. It was my first attempt and, with a new router table in the workshop, I’d be keen to try them out again on another ‘box construction’ that perhaps doesn’t require the ‘finesse’ of dovetails… Workshop drawers?

A Cleaner’s Toolbox!!

I didn’t want to make the box a ‘snug’ fit in the opening so, it fills the space nicely without leaving too much of a gap either side and, without scraping any paint away from the walls.

In the end, I gave the exterior surfaces three full coats of Polyvine’s Wax Finish Varnish. Being water-based, your brushes clean up very easily and the same can be said for any spills and pots that you may be using to dispense from the main container. I’m not at this moment convinced that the finished texture closely resembles a traditional wax finish but then, I bought my 500ml tub over a year ago. It’s lived through a cold winter and the fact that I’ve used pine for this project may also be a factor… It is a nice water-based varnish though and it certainly doesn’t yellow or tint such a light-coloured wood. I’ll stick with it and use it where I can.

Next on the list, I’d like to tackle those French doors but, the sheer cost of glass is forcing me to look the other way at the minute (although, I was recently given some other advice to try). I’d like a new desk for my laptop but, that’s hardly essential. My surface planer could do with a proper wheeled stand, I feel, and it may also interest you to know that I’ve just this weekend finished a very small, thoughtful gift for a close friend’s birthday… I don’t think she reads this blog but, in the interests of maintain the surprise so that I can see the look on her face, you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks before you can see that one! 🙂

Thanks for reading.


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