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Lid for the Box

Again, I’m nearly one-week behind in updating you on my recent exploits in the workshop! I didn’t really have much left to do on the bathroom box at this point; it was more a case of figuring out how I was going to do a couple of things and then, setting up for each operation.

After edge-jointing and gluing three boards together to form the width of the lid, I set up my new router table ready for rebating. These rebates are a hair wider than the thickness of the box sides and they’re no more than 6mm deep.

Because this lid overlaps the edges and sits inside the box, I needed to make the divider lower so that it would sit comfortably below the lid (I think I made this 8mm, to compensate for any seasonal expansion.

…I’d like to say that the rebating operation went without flaw but, as I ran one of the ends against the fence for a second pass (to ensure the I’d achieved the desired width and depth of cut), I must have applied too much pressure because it wasn’t until I neared the end of that cut that I realised my fence had moved!! 😡

There’s not much I could really do about this, unless I really wanted to scrap this timber and cut and machine a new lid (the company I work for is notoriously terrible in wasting plywood!). So, I’ll live with it and I’ll take the ‘welcome’ reminder. I’ve readjusted my fence clamps so that this should not happen again!

Before the lid could fit in to place, I needed to rout a stopped groove down the centre, so that the handle could pass through. When I glued it on last time, the handle was finished at about 18mm thick so, I used a ¾in cutter (a tad over 19mm) to give a good fit. It is surprising how long a groove like these needs to be, with the mitred ends on the handle to take in to account. Also, I should point out that I did my dry run after rebating before pocket-screwing the divider in position.

You can just see, above, how I used a pair of spacers (offcuts) to ensure the divider was perfectly centred at each end as I drove the screws in through the pre-drilled pockets.

I’ve just today received a couple of new driver bits for the Kreg Pocket Screw system. Already, I’ve found the standard length (150mm) bit to be too long for some of the smaller work I’ve done in confined situations. I’ve either had to resort to fitting the angle-driver attachment to my drill/driver or, I’ve had to struggle! This shorter bit should come in handy. It’s only a shame they don’t supply it with the R3 kit as standard.

There is the complete box; all ready for ‘the finishing ‘shop’… Which only happens to be my workbench, once it’s clear!! 😛

I’ve already given it a couple of coats and I should have some more for you over the weekend. I still have to plug those pocket holes but I may need to run some trials on scrap pieces first.

Thanks for reading.


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