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Router Table – Finished!

After one week of waiting for finished photos, here they are!

It’s about as finished as it’s going to be for the moment, as I hope to move on to some other pressing projects fairly soon. It’s also worth noting that I’ve since replaced all the wing nuts you can see with home-made wooden knobs (M6 nuts embedded in to their inner faces).

You’ll have to excuse the filler visible on the faces of both sliding halves of the fence – I first drilled these holes out at 13mm when they should’ve been only 10mm, for the heads of M6 hex bolts. I finished the fence in the same way as the top of the table, with a thinned coating of hard wax oil, followed by some wax.

Safety is important to me, which is why you can see so many featherboards in these photos. The main horizontal one was originally going to be bolted to the table (as per my previous table, with T-nuts underneath) but then, I realised… Why don’t I just clamp it in the same way as the fence?! So, I had to extend its length by screwing some more MDF to it.

On these featherboards, I’ve made the fingers thicker than the ones I had on my previous table. They’re centred about 10mm apart. Last time, they were closer to 6mm and I found that they were quite fragile and liable to breaking off at the ends of the board. I’m a little concerned that these may now be too wide but, I guess only time will tell! Given the height of my fence, I can fit a good 2in/50mm beneath the vertical hold-downs, which seems reasonable for my work.

That extra length of MDF sits on top of the fence and is constructed of three layers of 12mm MDF. This allows me to create my own T-track channel and also, allows this part to cover two thicknesses of 18mm MDF, so that it ends up flush with the two sliding faces on the front.

Elsewhere, the workshop isn’t looking too bad with the new table roughly in position.

Everything’s on wheels here so, I can move one of these front two to get at my planer behind.

I would like to do a little more work on the router table before I’d feel comfortable filming a short video tour. Namely, that involves dust extraction underneath the table and hopefully doing something with those two spaces either side of the router… Drawers seem like the most likely option; one side for cutters, the other for spanners and tool accessories. But, none of that is required immediately. There is also the case of making a proper handle for moving the table that’s both ergonomic and comfortable.

Thanks for reading.


8 responses to “Router Table – Finished!

  1. Andy Coates 10/06/2012 at 22:51

    Excellent job. I really have a bash at one of these. It would be very handy.

  2. Lazy Larry 10/06/2012 at 23:41

    Wow, that looks great…now get those projects done…

  3. woodshopcowboy 11/06/2012 at 02:28

    Olly – what a great looking table. And thanks for the details on the fence – I have a very limited fence, and yours would kick my functionality up a notch. Show us what it can do sometime!

  4. Jeremy Cook 14/07/2012 at 22:04

    I keep thinking about buiding some sort of router table. Recently tried cutting some box joints with a milling machine: http://www.jcopro.net/2012/07/08/box-joints-with-plywood-and-a-milling-machine/ – results were marginal, but I think it would have worked great if the RPM could go a bit (lot) higher! Oh well, I’m sure I’ll always want more tools!

  5. Dave 27/03/2013 at 17:14

    Nice featherboard!gonna have to copy that!

    • Olly Parry-Jones 31/03/2013 at 22:14

      Thanks, Dave. I’m planning to do a video tour of this table soon so please keep an eye out and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t done so already! 🙂

  6. Donald C. Rice 21/09/2015 at 11:19

    Excellent build. Fantastic and simple. I was waiting for something like this and perhaps I will shamelessly copy your design of the table. 🙂

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