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Win Free Tools (Not an April Fools’ Joke!)

As you may well know, I’m on Twitter but, I seldom use it for anything much more than ‘promoting’ and directing traffic to this blog. I’ve always found it hard to be able to log in and catch up with whatever’s going on there – there’s always so much I’ve already missed. But, occasionally, I catch wind of something good. Earlier this week, I received a direct message from @ToolsPowerTools; a retailer based in Pembrokeshire, UK. It’s great to see tools shops embracing modern technology and social networking like this. They’re message was to inform me of a genuine opportunity for people to win free tools…

Click here for more information.

I may give this my go myself. Unless I’m missing the microscopic, very fine print, it does appear as though you only need to pay for the initial text message you send and then, even the ones you receive arrive at no extra cost. There’s bound to be an option to unsubscribe, if you do grow tired of it.

Their blog itself is also worth a look. A quick glance revealed an excellent post on storing your pressure washer correctly and in time for winter. Otherwise, you may find that any water still inside the machine will expand, once it freezes and turns to ice, wreaking havoc on your treasured tool.

A pressure washer is one power tool that I’ve been thinking of buying for a while. I saw a Karcher model for only £99 in Tesco last week. It could be good for cleaning the decking and other exterior woodwork, along with your car or van. Last summer, I was on my hands and knees, scrubbing away with a wire brush for hours!

I still can’t decide… Should it be April Fools’ or April Fool’s in the title?!

Thanks for reading.


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